Behind-the-Scenes Scoop: Keto Product News & Updates (Let’s Discuss!)

Dipping Cups, Pineapple drinks, ketone stuff, WHY NUI – and other things that make my head spin. 😛 It’s time for a candid OPEN discussion on all the keto happenings around the web…

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Kyndra Holley and I Cooked Up Something VERY Special For You! :-)

What happens when Peace Love and Low Carb and LowCarbTraveler get together? See what Kyndra and I came up with… JUST FOR YOU. You won’t find this option anywhere else on the web!

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Crispy Macadamia Crusted Zucchini Fries – Keto Recipe Fail & Creative Save!

Every now and then I’ll get a wild hair and feel like getting creative in the kitchen. This low carb recipe had great potential until I screwed it up…. but wait till you see how I saved it!

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❤ Legendary Foods Coupon Code: Let’s Have FUN with Special Flavor Requests!

I just had a BRILLIANT idea! Plus… let’s make the most of our Legendary Foods coupon code, and create a flavor wishlist and send them our special requests. Who knows, we might just get a low carb wish granted. 😉

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Low Carb Parmesan Chicken Recipe Twists & Simple Sides ~ For EASY Family Meals

Since I found this super easy low carb chicken recipe in various places around the web, I’ve been enjoying it as a staple in my keto diet because it’s such a quick dinner – but SO good! It’s great for feeding an entire family easily, or for weekly meal prep…

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Fun, Easy Low Carb Nut Butter Recipes You’ll Love!

These nut butter recipes are super easy, very low carb and SO much fun. Candy, muffins, fudge, waffles and pancakes?! There’s no reason to miss out on this kind of deliciousness even if you’re gluten free or on a keto diet. Tried, tested and Lynn Approved! You’ll love these ideas…

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March Low Carb Food List: 23 New Keto Products

23 new, weird, fun, neat, interesting low carb foods and keto products. Browse through for ideas (and laughs) and see what piques YOUR interest, and discover what surprises came in this month’s 3 keto boxes!

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Easy Low Carb Waffle Recipe ~ Gluten Free, Thick & Fluffy, with a Surprise Ingredient!

An easy Low Carb Waffle Recipe for thick fluffy gluten-free keto waffles that come out PERFECT every single time! Made with simple ingredients, with plenty of room for creative additions & variations…

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Keto Subscription Box Review: Top 3 Low Carb Delivery Options Compared

Top 3 Keto Box Subscriptions: Review & Comparison of Keto Krate, Keto Delivered, and The Keto Box – plus a list of 26 Low Carb Foods for Keto Foodies that missed these boxes…

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Free Purple Hand Mixer & 8 Low Carb Foods To Check Out

There were 8 interesting products in The Keto Box for January. It’s sold out now, but I scored you a freebie – and this is a fun low carb food list to check out. These monthly boxes are such a great way to discover new low carb foods to try!

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Low Carb Foods I’m Reviewing – Questions?

I have a lot of NEW low carb foods & recipes to try. Here’s what’s topping my list to review next. Which interest you most or do you have any questions about them? Let’s come up with creative ideas for them!

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Know Foods Review & Discount Code – What I Don’t Recommend (And Why!)

My Know Better Foods Product Review is VERY objective, because some of their low carb foods I do LOVE but won’t order again, and others I highly recommend – and stock up on! Find out which, and why…

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Real Good Low Carb Pizza: NOT Real Good (Yuck!)

Five reasons I do NOT like Real Good Pizza. Review of this popular low carb pizza, from my personal experience after trying two. Have you tried them? Let’s discuss!

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September Keto Krate: A Box Full of Low Carb Fun!

7 new Low Carb, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly products to try including a HUGE low carb chocolate chip cookie and a new LCHF cheesecake recipe…

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