19 Low Carb Meals, Snacks & Keto Food Ideas


From restaurants to snack plates to easy keto dinners at home, these 19 low carb meals should give you some ideas for those busy days – or for meals you can easily make at home if you prefer…

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Let’s Catch Up! How Are You This Weekend?


To be honest it’s been a hellish couple of weeks here, and I’m glad to see the crazy dying back down to the usual lull of everyday life! Here’s what I’ve been up to, and my questions for you…

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LCHF Examples: 4 Day Keto Food Diary


Here’s what I’ve been eating for the last four days plus my last four MyFitnessPal food logs, so you can see how I log my meals and how easily the keto macros work out…

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LCHF Example: My MyFitnessPal Keto Food Diary


To give you a live example of a day in my own low carb life, here is a quick photo tour of my meals yesterday – and my MyFitnessPal diary, so you can see how I logged those meals. I also tested a new keto product, so I’ll tell you about that too, along with what goes into that testing…

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🦃 Low Carb Thanksgiving: A Carnivore, Keto & Vegetarian in ONE Kitchen… 😉


I enjoyed a delicious keto-friendly low carb thanksgiving meal on Thursday. But even better than the food… was the company & conversation! ❤ That’s what I love MOST about having finally overcome my binge eating issues, and living a life …

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Free Book (Never Binge Again) + 2 New Videos & Weekly Motivation Check-In 💕


In this video, I got a bit personal with some of my own struggles along the way throughout MY low carb weight loss journey…

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Monday Weigh In & My Keto Food Diary: Easy Examples for Simple Low Carbing


Here’s my MyFitnessPal log and a photo tour of my meals for some real life examples of staying on track and coming up with super easy (but delicious!) keto friendly food combinations to keep things interesting…

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Examples: Easy Low Carb Week – Keeping It Simple!


This week I had low carb fast food twice, one restaurant meal, found some great deals at Kroger, and otherwise had a super easy low carb week. Keeping it simple is KEY for me…

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Week One Weigh-In, Keto Meals & 2 Sample Low Carb Food Diaries


Here are some of my low carb meals and two MyFitnessPal food diaries so you can see a real life example of how I logged those meals – and how the macros worked out…

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Low Carb Road Trip Tips, Keto Weekends & Staying on Track for Girls Night Out


I hear a lot of people say weekends are the hardest time for staying on track, or sticking to your low carb diet. That’s not the case for me, whether I’m going out or staying in, because…

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MyFitnessPal Logs: 3 Days With No Eggs! :)


3-Day Keto Food Diary, MyFitnessPal Logs & New Low Carb Challenge and Live Low Carb Classes kicking off SOON! Are you going to join us? Oh, and I’m hosting a $100 giveaway…

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No More Eggs Please! 🙄 Keto Food Diary…


Today’s food diary is just eggs, and more eggs, and coffee. This is why I haven’t been writing daily food diaries lately, lol – ugh. 🙄 I’ve mostly been eating the same thing over and over. I’ve been through lots …

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Photo Tour: My Low Carb Road Trip


Making smart low carb restaurant choices and how to log those (correctly) in MyFitnessPal. It’s ideal if you know where you’ll be going out to eat, because you can look up the menu & nutrition facts online beforehand and…

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Living Low Carb: Keeping It Keto On The Go


Staying on track when life gets busy and keeping it keto on the go, through airports and on weekends, anywhere and everywhere! Lots of great low carb meal ideas in this fun photo tour…

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