Example Low Carb MyFitnessPal Food Diary


A single daily LCHF food diary with keto macros, to give you an idea what a typical day looks like. It doesn’t always have to be fancy or include elaborate recipes or big home cooked meals…

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Easy Low Carb Cooking, Restaurant Meals & Simple Keto Snacks


Easy low carb meal ideas including the two keto dinners I made, creamy low carb sauces, a few low carb restaurant meal ideas – plus easy snacks and meals at home that require ZERO cooking…

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Photo Tour: My Low Carb Week


Keeping your low carb meals simple makes it easy, or it does for me. Here’s a quick photo tour of my low carb week, and the keto friendly meals I’ve been eating…

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34 Easy Low Carb Food & Meal Ideas


A quick photo tour of my easy low carb meals & snacks lately, plus new keto friendly foods I’ve been trying, to give you examples and ideas to work with…

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Quick Note & 2 Day Low Carb Food Diary


Two day keto food diary with super easy low carb meals and ideal LCHF macros. Ideas and examples you can use to mix things up this week!

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Good News/Bad News & Low Carb Foods


I have some GREAT news for you! But also some bad news, unfortunately. Plus my low carb meals & macros for yesterday, to give you some real life examples. There are lots of updates to catch up on… so here we go! 😉

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My Low Carb Frustration – and Food Diary 🙂


In this Low Carb Food Diary: Will vitamins throw you out of ketosis? My low carb hangover cure. Which sugar free pancake syrup is best? And a whole slew of other fun topics from my low carb week…

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Cheese Fried Eggs & More Easy Low Carb Food Ideas


This cheese-fried-egg idea was brilliant! That plus more super easy low carb meals and food ideas in a detailed two-day LCHF food diary…

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Patience: Trusting The Weight Loss Process


Food Diary & Update: My weight dropped half a pound the day after my last report, from 141.1 on Thursday to 140.6 pounds on Friday morning. On Saturday, I weighed in at 140.8 – and have stayed there, every morning: 140.8 Saturday, Sunday, Monday – on repeat, lol…

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I’m Back! 🛫 Weigh-In Day & Quick Catch Up… ❤


I just got back from traveling low carb for a full week, and I’m still in ketosis – and weigh even less than I did when I left! It felt GREAT to come back feeling keto lean…

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Low Carb Scare at Logan’s Roadhouse, Meeting Kyndra Holley, Logging Keto Macros & More…


I had such a FUN and full low carb day yesterday. I cannot wait to tell you all about it (!) so grab a coffee and let’s catch up… because I have LOTS to share with you! 🙂

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Low Carb Weekend Chat & Food Diary


A photo tour of my low carb food diary yesterday, with tips and notes – and some inspiration and updates for you. 😉

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Love Yourself! Low Carb Valentine’s Day


Happy Low Carb Valentine’s Day! My keto holiday food diary, and a note on treating yourself… RIGHT. 🙂

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Low Carb Foods and Fast Meals


Quick photo tour of easy low carb foods and fast keto friendly meals I’ve been eating lately, with no fuss and no meal planning involved. These examples will help you mix things up a little in your own kitchen – or on the go…

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