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I love making the low carb diet EASY for people with a busy lifestyle (like me!) with my KISS / Keep It Simple method. :) About Lynn Terry: Host of the Low Carb Challenge

Thursday’s Low Carb Meals, Surprise Weight Loss & Keto Lies


It always feels like the scales are just fluctuating a little bit, and never really moving down. Do you ever feel that way too? It turns out I’ve lost 7.6 pounds since…

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Simple Keto Meals & Low Carb Fast Food Ideas


Today’s photo tour of keto meals includes a super simple one-skillet breakfast and low carb fast food turned into a NICE dinner…

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Keto Food Diary: Simple Low Carb Daily Meals


Lately I’ve been in ketone testing mode so much that I’ve had to keep my low carb meals super simple, and even duplicate my meals several days to monitor the results without adding in too many factors…

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Know Foods Chocolate Chips Marked SAFE From Keto Flu


Know Foods Chocolate Chips Review & Ketone Testing – how they impacted my blood sugar and ketone levels, plus taste quality and other interesting things you should know when eating keto products…

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Travel Tips 👉 Sticking To Your Low Carb Lifestyle On The Go


Simple tips for traveling low carb easily, to help you better prepare the next time you’re headed out! Including a photo tour of my keto travel meals on a 6-day trip to Long Beach and back…

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Keto Weight Loss & Body Image Talk


I passed by a mirror recently and was surprised at what went through my mind. I’d love to hear your thoughts on body image, scales and mirrors, whether it discourages or ENcourages you, and if you’re like me: and can feel GREAT and totally DEflated all in the same day?! lol…

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❤ Creative Keto Meal Ideas – Keeping It Simple!


From a breakfast salad to a no-bake keto dessert for dinner plus low carb breakfast in bed – and a serious save at a little joint that seemed to serve nothing but carbs & alcohol lol, here’s what I’ve been eating the last few days…

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KetoCon 2019 🔜 Counting Down to the Biggest Keto Event of the Year!


I had SO much fun at KetoCon 2018 and am already planning to be at KetoCon again this year in June. It’s the ONE place where you can get a serious keto education and also meet all your favorite bloggers …

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Ketones, Ketosis Levels & Bio-Individuality + Exogenous Ketones: Useful, or NOT?!


If you have questions about ketosis, ketone levels, using exogenous ketones, glucose and ketone testing and all that jazz – you’ll LOVE this video! A very candid discussion, live from the Metabolic Health Summit in Long Beach…

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Quick Chat, New Video & Upcoming Keto Events


I just got back from the Metabolic Health Summit so I have LOTS of interesting updates & information to share with you…

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Easy Keto Dinner Idea (Freezer-to-Table in 30 Minutes!)


I cooked a super easy keto meal yesterday that turned out amazingly delicious. I’ll walk you through the details. This is an EASY one too: literally freezer-to-table in about 30 minutes. 😉 Since I travel a lot and my schedule …

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My Keto Muffin Recipe & Food Diary (Plus A Gross Low Carb Food – Don’t Buy This!)


I’ve shared this keto muffins recipe before but I made them with a new twist this time. That plus quick photo tour of my keto food diary for yesterday – so you can see what I ate and how I logged it, for ideas and inspiration…

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More Easy Keto Meals: 3-Day Low Carb Food Diary


My scales seem to be STUCK this week but I just keep powering through with my keto macros and daily workouts. Between this low carb food diary and my last one, you have six full days of keto meal examples!

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13 Keto Snack Ideas from the January Keto Krate


Whether you want the monthly Keto Krate box or not, these monthly value breakdowns are a great way to discover new keto snacks you might want to try… * Spoiler: It would cost you $190.55 to order each of these products individually when you can get the entire box of keto snacks for only $34!

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