8 Weeks To Lose Weight & Have More Energy


Best YOU BootcampDo you want to lose weight, have more energy, and look your absolute best?

Of course you do! So do I. 😉

My friend Jedha is hosting a “Best You” Bootcamp, that is all about losing weight and increasing energy. It starts July 1st, and I wanted to share the details with you as soon as I heard about it.

Let’s face it. Sometimes we just need help. It’s hard going it alone!

The thing that interests me most about this bootcamp, aside from the (much needed) accountability, is the done-for-you meal plans and recipes. I’m bored with my “usual” low carb meals and could really use some fresh ideas!

Jedha Jedha is a nutritionist, fitness trainer, counselor and health coach who helps loads of women reclaim their vitality. We were talking the other day, and she was telling me about why women get belly fat and the horrible muffin top over our jeans.

It’s not just because we’re lazy but because of imbalances in our hormones that can mostly be corrected with food and lifestyle. We also talked about how our hormones are directly related to our weight loss results (or lack of) and to our struggles with energy highs and lows.

It was really fascinating stuff and I know she’s going to cover all this and a WHOLE lot more in her 8 Week Bootcamp. I thought you might be interested in joining because I know she won’t be offering her program again at the price it is now…

It’s only $37! Can you believe that! A price you don’t even have to think about with all the things it involves. Take a look for yourself, it’s jam packed with value. I especially like the idea of meeting ‘live’ for online seminars and workshops, what a nice addition:

8 week bootcamp

The program has both gluten free and paleo meal plans, and the thing is, the paleo meal plans fit in quite nicely with a low carb plan. Here’s a few delicious food pictures Jedha sent over from the paleo meal plans and she tells me these can all be made in 20 minutes or less!

Chicken Ceasar Salad

chicken ceasar salad

Salmon Cakes & Salad

salmon cakes and baby spinach salad

Creamy Chicken Mushroom Sauce Over Chinese Cabbage

creamy chicken

Yum! 😀 I could definitely enjoy losing weight eating that kind of food. 😉

I know you’ll love the 8 Week “Best You” Bootcamp that’s why I had to tell you about it. And because I know it won’t be offered at such a great price again.

Click Here To Get All The Details

I’ve known Jedha for quite a while now (over a year I think?) and if you don’t already know her yourself… you’re going to love her!

This is just what I needed. Like I said, I’m totally bored with my usual low carb meals & food choices and – brace yourself! – ready to start learning to COOK healthy. 😀

Lynn Terry

8 Weeks To Lose Weight & Have More Energy. Starts July 1st! Join us today:

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I love making the low carb diet EASY for people with a busy lifestyle (like me!) with my KISS / Keep It Simple method. :) About Lynn Terry: Host of the Low Carb Challenge
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4 Responses to 8 Weeks To Lose Weight & Have More Energy

  1. Mary says:

    The link doesn’t seem to be working. Your link to Jedha’s page works fine but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to click to join the bootcamp. I’ve been trying to sign up since Sat. night. 🙁

    • Lynn Terry says:

      The “order now” button doesn’t show up, or what happens when you click on it? You might email Jedha and let her know (be sure to mention which browser you are using too). It’s working fine for me… ?

  2. Mary says:

    Yep the order now button isn’t showing, but since you say it’s working just fine for you, it’s probably my browser. I’m using the old IE that is no longer supported. I’ll check it out in Chrome. Thanks Lynn.

  3. That food looks Yum Yum Yum! 😀

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