Ever feel like you just CAN’T – or get totally overwhelmed?


I woke up this morning thinking “I can’t do this.” 🤦‍♀️

I felt like bailing on everything I’m committed to, and just retreating.

Ever feel so overwhelmed you want to crawl in a hole and pull the hole in behind you?! 😔

Yeah, me too.

Then I saw this picture. I remembered what an INSANE hike/climb this was. It pushed every limit I have – physically, mentally, emotionally…

Monday Motivation with Low Carb Traveler

There was fear, overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, clock racing (to get out before dark – a SERIOUS deadline lol), pain, accountability to my hiking partner… and an AMAZING sense of accomplishment!!! 🤸‍♀️💥

Once I was “in” I had no choice but to “do this” – to finish it, to get out, for survival.

➡️ It can be so easy to give up when there are no real rewards or consequences. But there ARE amazing rewards, and very real consequences, to bailing on my week, on my commitments.

They’re not life & death no, but I just realized… that makes them so much easier!! 🙂❣

If I did THAT, this stuff in front of me now – yeah, I got this. Tackle it like a mountain you WANT to climb!!

Keep your eye on the rewards, that amazing sense of achievement, that pride and confidence you LOVE to feel!!

➡️ Stop focusing on how hard it is, or how incapable you feel.

Focus on what you want – and WHY you want it.

#notetomyself #mondaymotivation #challengeyourself #youareworthit #makeshithappen 💋

I hope this “note to myself” spoke to you… like it did me.

I find anytime I’m overwhelmed or feel like quitting, it’s because I’m focused on MYSELF and because I’m focused on RIGHT NOW – instead of focusing on the GOAL and the REWARD and the RESULTS.

– and those are the things that matter the most. 😉

In the end, how I feel today is not what I’ll remember in this journey, or as any real significant moment of my life. It’s those accomplishments and achievements that will stand out.

So let’s make those happen!

Anytime you catch yourself focused inward… shift that focus.

Get your mind back on what matters.

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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I love making the low carb diet EASY for people with a busy lifestyle (like me!) with my KISS / Keep It Simple method. :) About Lynn Terry: Host of the Low Carb Challenge
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2 Responses to Ever feel like you just CAN’T – or get totally overwhelmed?

  1. Becky says:

    Lynn, I am still here following you for over 4 years now. I have been battling extreme health anxiety for over a year now. My weight started out at 140 down to 122 now it’s the heaviest I have ever been at 157. I feel horrible and each day I wake up starting the day set to live keto and I seem to not be able to follow it or when I do the scale doesn’t change. ‍♀️ I am also on anxiety medicine for over 4 months now. I am thinking the meds has something to do with me gaining weight and not able to lose as well.

    I read this and it sounded like myself. I can only wish I could get myself mentally together and live easy, happy and healthy again.

    Keep on inspiring……..

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Becky,

      When you say “I feel horrible” it makes me sad. I know that if you just commit to five full days of eating 20 net carbs max… you will feel SO GOOD. Try that as a start, just 5 days.

      Feeling awful is no good. Every day that goes by is another day you lose to that. Take control and choose to feel happier and healthier and FREE of that!! xo

      You CAN get yourself together. Just commit to five days. That’s a great start, and easy enough to do. Then see how you feel. 😉

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