💚 Enter To Win: Pili Nut Giveaway Package


I mentioned in my last post that I would be hosting two more FUN giveaways this week before I head off on my next trip…

The Pili Nut Package Facebook Giveaway is now LIVE, so head over to Facebook and enter to win this awesome prize! 😉

The drawing will take place on Wednesday June 13th at Noon Eastern, so make sure you get your entry in before then. 🙂

The winner will receive one 4-pack Pili Nuts Sampler:

Pili Nuts - Low Carb Snacks, the BEST Keto Nuts

PLUS one 3-pack Pili Nut Butter Sampler:

Pili Nut Butter for Keto Baking

You can see the ingredients and nutrition facts for each on the Pili Hunters website, and also read their story. There are so many reasons I’m in love with this product – specifically from this company!

Our coupon code for Pili Hunters is: LOWCARBTRAVELER

You’ve seen me snack on Pili Nuts on my hikes, cook with Pili Nuts – and now I’m even baking with their products. 🙂

I’ll share my recipes & creative meal ideas with you in an upcoming post, because they make such a delicious addition to your low carb pantry!

Their original Coconut Oil & Himalayan Salt Pili Nuts are ZERO net carbs and insanely nutrient dense, making them an ideal keto nut for snacking & cooking.

Make sure you enter the giveaway if you’re on Facebook, and stay tuned for my FUN recipe posts. I’m especially anxious to try their newest Fungi Fuel Lions Mane Nut Butter to make “low carb pumpkin spice muffins” with a buttery Pili Nut crumble on top…

YUM! 💚

In the meantime – if you’ve tried any of the Pili Hunters products, I would love to hear YOUR thoughts. Or if you’re interested in them, I would love to hear any questions you have about them. 🙂

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. The next Giveaway will go live Tuesday (tomorrow, June 12th) on my Instagram page so stay tuned there for another fun chance to win a keto prize. 😉

Update: the Super Snack Time “Pizza In A Bag” Instagram Giveaway is Live!


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