Checking In From My Low Carb Trip…


Hi everyone! 🙂 I’ve been on the road and on the go non-stop since Tuesday with very limited wi-fi to check in and touch base with you…

I trust your first week of the Fall Low Carb Challenge is going well? Mine is! 🙂

I wanted to share a few things with you super quick while I had time & internet connection… and I also wanted to check in – and invite you to let me know how YOUR week is going!

Leave a comment and share an update, and of course let me know any questions you have about the challenge – or the low carb lifestyle. 😉

First, I haven’t had an opportunity to sit down and share my daily food diaries with you given my limited internet access, but I have been sharing every single meal on both Facebook and Instagram along the way – so check in there to see what I’ve been eating on the road and at restaurants so far, and through the rest of my trip. 🙂


Low Carb Classes

I ran out of time before I left my office on Tuesday, and have had WAY less time and Wi-Fi than I expected on my trip, so I have not had a chance yet to raise the price on the Low Carb Classes to $99.

That means you can still Get Instant Access at ANY price (simply name your own price!) until I get home tomorrow night and can sit down at my computer again. 😉

If you missed that opportunity to watch all five low carb classes, or *thought* you did… this is your lucky day! Click here for details

They are REALLY good, and extremely helpful as a Low Carb Fast Track if you have questions, and also for SERIOUS Weight Loss Motivation. 😉

If you have any questions about the classes, send me an email or a message – or leave a comment here on this post. I’m doing my best to answer questions from my mobile every chance I get a free minute, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Keto Krate Sneak Peek & Shipment Update

The September Keto Krate box is shipping SOON, and I got us a Sneak Peek of what’s going to be in this month’s box! You can click on that link, or click the image below, to see the full size image:

September Keto Krate Sneak Peek

It’s a serious teaser. 😉

Also, their shipment facility is in southern Florida so there IS a delay on the September shipments due to Hurricane Irma – which is totally understandable. They are anticipating a ship date of late next week, and are sending out email updates as they know more.

That means you have plenty of time to Sign Up for Keto Krate to make sure you get a September box, if you aren’t signed up already!

I’m off for dinner, then a fun “gangster hats & pearls” theme party with my friends here 🙂 but I wanted to send you this quick update… and check in with you.

Leave a comment and let me know how YOUR week is going, and any questions you have about the challenge or about eating low carb. 🙂

And be sure to check in at Facebook and/or Instagram to check out my low carb meals and fun travel updates.;)

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. To all of my low carb friends recovering from Harvey or preparing for Irma, you are on my mind and in my heart. ♥ I cannot even imagine what you must be going through. I’m keeping an eye on the news every time I pass through the hotel lobby, and sending good thoughts your way. *hugs*

Atlanta is seeing a surge of traffic from Florida evacuations. I’ll be safely home in Tennessee before any bad weather hits here. I hope you are all safe where you are as well!


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Low Carb Snack Box


About Lynn Terry

I love making the low carb diet EASY for people with a busy lifestyle (like me!) with my KISS / Keep It Simple method. :) About Lynn Terry: Host of the Low Carb Challenge
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24 Responses to Checking In From My Low Carb Trip…

  1. Alice says:

    My week has gone well do far. Staying on track. O just signed up for my fitness pal and just got my first smart phone so I am trying to figure them out

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Good to hear, Alice! 🙂 It took me awhile to get the hang of my smartphone, but you’ll love all the features once you get used to it. MyFitnessPal is pretty easy too, but that one took me a bit to figure out as well lol.

      If you have any questions about setting up MFP or meal tracking, let me know. 😉

  2. Deb Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for always working to motivate, Lynn! I have a batch of Low Carb Blondies in my oven right now so I can stick with it while my family eats cinnamon rolls tomorrow morning (which don’t sound appealing to me at all!) And for anybody who hasn’t done the Low Carb Classes from Lynn, they are totally worth it! I’ve been listening to them while working for the last two days to pump my motivation to stay on track, not to mention, to learn some of the things I was doing wrong last time I went low carb.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  3. Patricia L. says:

    Thanks for posting when you can…I love reading updates to get ideas for meals!

    We bought low carb snacks for our trip (pecans and cottage cheese from your suggestions!) and I’ve managed to eat low carb the whole trip. I told my husband I’ve got to get back to eating low carb so to remind me of that when we go out. He’s always so helpful.. he scans a menu and throws out suggestions like you could get the bacon cheeseburger with no bun and noticed they have steamed veggies.

    Have you tried Atkins trail mix bars? They don’t have as much protein as the meal replacement bars but also have no sugar alcohol for people who have issues with their other bars. They are really good! The kind I got is 4 carbs per bar.

    • Deb Rodriguez says:


      The Atkins Trail Mix bars are the only ones I can handle. They are a lot better. I only do the ones that are 4 carbs per bar, and often only eat half at a time. The dark cherry ones still make me feel a sugar spike.

      • Patricia L. says:

        I might try splitting mine in half also since I’m just having it as a treat.

        Let me know how you enjoy your blondes…. I still can’t pull the trigger on spending so much on one pan of brownies/blondies!

        • Deb Rodriguez says:

          I already tried them tonight, Patricia, because I just had to. :0) I understand your thinking on the cost, but this is the way I looked at it: If these are the difference between me keeping my goals or stumbling frequently, it’s worth it. That one pan is at least 9 servings, possibly more. And I’m not sharing, because the other four people in my house have plenty of carb-laden goodies they can tackle. They don’t need mine. I do have a good kindle cookbook I’ve found that really talks about baking and making food to live this life all the time going forward, but I haven’t yet had the time to assemble all of the ingredients for some of those recipes. These are the difference between me succeeding right now, or potentially giving in. Just the way I look at it.

          • Patricia L. says:

            Great point! I spend more than that on snack bars so I don’t know why I haven’t ordered them! I’ll order this week. Thanks!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Way to go, Patricia! I actually ENJOY traveling low carb. I make a game of it. 🙂

      I don’t eat many bars, but I do like the Atkins Peanut Butter Granola in a pinch – when I have to pick up something at a local store. I love the Keto Brownie nutrition bar because it doesn’t have ANY sugar alcohol:

      My other all time favorite are the Sticky Bars: 2 of the 4 flavors were SO GOOD. I need to order those to keep on hand, because I really loved the quality of ingredients and the flavors & textures. 😉

    • Lynn Terry says:

      As for the blondies, I add cream cheese & pecans – then eat them with berries as a MEAL. So when you consider it’s 9 large squares and they are filling enough as a meal… 8 or 9 times, it’s actually not a bad deal at all. 😉

      • Patricia L. says:

        You’re right about viewing them more as a meal. I guess I just think “brownie mix” and think it’s only $.99 at Walmart lol! I’m definitely ordering some this week!

        I’ve been eyeing Know Foods donuts and muffins and cereal…… maybe you can hook up with them and do a review and try them out! I hate to order anything without hearing your review first! I loove donuts and want some lol!

  4. Carol P. says:


    I finally placed an order at Netrition, Inc.and spent $91. I wish I had spent $99 and got free shipping. They charged me 6.99 for shipping and 3.99 for cold pacs. I wrote a comment that I was told they charge a flat shipping rate of $4.99 per order and I was not happy about their rate. I read it somewhere that Lynn wrote it. I hope it wasn’t an old post!

    I am still having problems letting go of sugar. It seems like everyday I have to have some even if it is one Werthers! I am going to get gas and I know I will pick up some laffy taffy. I have done so well today but I am craving sugar. I already ate some strawberry jam on a slice of Know Better bread. The strawberry jam is full of high fructose corn syrup (so bad for my health). How do you beat a sugar addiction?

    I need to get off sugar and get into ketosis (sp?) so I can quit smoking next month. Every time I quit I put on 30 pounds and start smoking again. If I am doing well on this diet I think I will have a better chance of not gaining weight.

    Okay, one more comment/question. I love Kraft mayo and always eat it, even on a low card diet since it has zero carbs. I looked at the ingredients and saw soybean oil. From all the reading I have done on fats, this is one of the worse I can eat. Can anyone recommend a better one that still tastes as good as Krafts?

    Thank you for letting me sound off….

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Carol 🙂

      I switched to Duke’s mayo. I even found it in my very small locally owned grocery store. 🙂 Check that one out. I was impressed that it tasted even *better* than Kraft!

      I need to go back and check my older posts because yes, Netrition now offers free shipping on orders of $99+ and the flat rate shipping is a dollar or two higher. I rarely get the thermal packs and never do expedited shipping. I’ve tried my orders all way, and they come just fine without either.

      Werther’s makes sugar free versions of their candies, and they’re GOOD! I used those to cure my sweet cravings in the beginning.

      The best way to beat sugar is to quit it. It’s like anything else – as long as you keep having it, you’ll keep craving it. The GREAT thing though is that if you do 20 net carbs max for just ONE week… once you get into ketosis, your cravings and appetite will totally disappear. 🙂 That makes it EASY to stick to!

      Just commit to 5 full days – no sugar, no more than 20 net carbs. It works like magic! 😉

      • Patricia L. says:

        Dukes is awesome! Our little small chain grocery store carries it as well. It’s much creamier I think.

      • Carol P. says:

        Hi Lynn,

        Thank you so much for the information. I like that once I quit sugar for a week, I will not have the cravings! And I can eat sugar free Werther’s! Today is the first day I have not had any sugar yet, but I need to go out and get some sugar free candy for a week. I have only eaten 14 grams of carbs today so I think with the sugar free candy I can do it!

        Thank you again for the advice. You are a gem! I will also look for Duke’s mayo..

        • Lynn Terry says:

          You’re most welcome, Carol. 🙂 I was in the same shoes when I first started – and I used sugar free werther’s to get me by those first few weeks. Worked like a charm!

          I was a serious carb/sugar addict, and serious overeater too when I started. If I can do this… anyone can!

          Fortunately… the science of it makes it EASY. 🙂

  5. margret wood says:

    I stated today due to some travel problems. Really enjoyed the article about you in Womans World. Beautiful picture. Thank you for all you do to keep us motivated love n hugd

  6. I had so much fun at the webinar last night Lynn! 🙂 What I love most is that they are not simply informative – they give me a motivational boost for the week ahead. When one is as much of a hermit as I am, it feels lonely sometimes, and regular “meet-ups” help to reconnect with people. That’s apart from the great value of the information you share. I always look forward to them!

    I have a question/ request. That lady who so much inspired you at the event…I think her name is Ute? I am not sure if I got the name right… I wonder if it would be possible for you to interview her, or maybe she will even agree to speak at one of the webinars, even for a short time? I understand that it may not be possible for whatever reason, but thought of asking anyway, just in case. 🙂

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I always enjoy them too, Galina – for the same reason. 🙂

      I will have to ask Ute if she would be willing to do that. I bet she would! I would love to share her with the world. 😉 She is so inspiring and full of so much LIFE!!

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