Day 66 Low Carb Foods & Fitness (And How I Tanked My Hike!)



Here is my Low Carb Food Diary for Day 66 of the β€œGet Lean For Summer!” 90 Day Low Carb Challenge. It’s NEVER too late to join if you haven’t already!


I’m tired this week. Probably from the FUN low carb beach trip plus two GOOD workouts since I returned.

My thighs and calves are really tight too, so I decided no more cardio or lower body workouts for a few days. πŸ˜›

This weekend I’m going to focus on core and upper body, with my Ab Carver Pro and light hand weights.

I have a “food confession” to make about yesterday πŸ™„ and the HARD lesson I learned from it…

Yesterday was a LONG day.

I fell asleep super early the night before, so I was up at 1:30am ready for the day, lol. I only had two meals yesterday, and that was from 1:30am to 11pm last night.

Sometime around 3am I had my favorite low carb breakfast, but this time I added blueberries to it. Delicious!! It was 1/2 cup pecan pieces, 1/4 cup Daisy brand cottage cheese, 4 small diced strawberries + less than 1/4 cup blueberries. It came to 7 net carbs and 84% healthy fats.

Homemade Low Carb Cereal

I slept another 4 hours, then took off with Joe for our weekly fitness adventure. We stopped at the Mountain Goat Market on Monteagle Mountain for lunch, which is a fun little spot! I got seasoned baked chicken thighs, broccoli salad & cucumber salad. It was all over-the-top fabulous! (This was around noon.)

Eating Low Carb at Mountain Goat Market in Monteagle, TN

After lunch I decided to grab a couple of bottled waters for our hike… and got totally sidetracked by the fresh cookies at the checkout counter. πŸ˜› I grabbed a few, and Joe and I enjoyed them on our way to hike Foster Falls.

No big deal, I thought. It’s just a cookie…


I’ll share more about that in a second.

I skipped dinner last night. I was exhausted after the hike and just didn’t feel like eating. I did get slightly hungry right before I fell asleep at 11:00pm, but not hungry enough to get up and eat lol. I slept SO good last night!!

Here’s My MyFitnessPal Diary for Wednesday:

Tracking Macronutrients (Simple Explanation of Macros)

How To Get Net Carbs in MyFitnessPal

Fitbit GoalsCalories: 1429
Net Carbs: 45
Total Carbs: 56
Protein: 54 Grams
72% Fat, 15% Protein

Exercise: Hiking Foster Falls
FitBit Steps: 7,238
Water: 56 ounces

The hike was amazing. πŸ™‚ I’ll share a photo with you below. But let’s talk about that cookie…

Actually it was almost two cookies, maybe a cookie and a half. Even as I was eating it my taste buds were totally rejecting it. Eating sugar after SO long on a ketogenic diet just tasted WEIRD.

All was fine and well though until about an hour into my hike (and after my cookie) – when my energy totally TANKED. I felt light headed and icky going in like I had just chugged three shots of Jim or Jack or something, but about an hour in I literally had to sit down and let the icky/dizzy feeling pass.

Joe had a laugh, I’m sure. That’s the first time I’ve EVER given out on him lol. I keep up like a champ usually! πŸ™‚ I did finish the hike after a quick break, but I totally regretted that **** cookie. I felt sluggish the rest of the night too.

This is me at the bottom of Foster Falls yesterday:

LowCarbTraveler aka Lynn Terry - Hiking Foster Falls


Next we hiked up to the top to look over. πŸ™‚

The Top of Foster Falls in Tennessee

Hours later… hot, sweaty and wiped out from the hike πŸ™‚ I had HOT coffee thanks to my amazing Contigo Travel Mug. Best coffee mug ever!! This thing is nothing short of amazing at how long it keeps coffee hot…

The Contigo Travel Mug Keeps Coffee HOT For HOURS!

I mentioned yesterday that my weight has fluctuated up and is “holding” at 147.6 this week. Fortunately it was still there this morning. πŸ™‚

I’m determined to STAY below 150! lol…

Low Carb Weight Loss


No more junk food! πŸ˜› Ack.

If I had felt like eating last night I would have chosen a salad – something “lean & green” after that. I refuse to have “food guilt” over it because it was an intentional choice. I just had no idea it was going to have such harsh consequences, lol.

I really thought it would be no big deal. Lesson learned: DO NOT eat sugar/carbs before attempting serious inclines and adventurous hiking!! lol – ugh.

I am fortunately stocked up on Campbell’s Chicken Broth just in case that silly cookie throws me out of ketosis. πŸ˜‰ Rah!

How are things going with you?

I look forward to your comments & questions!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

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12 Responses to Day 66 Low Carb Foods & Fitness (And How I Tanked My Hike!)

  1. Nicki Harms says:

    You mention the chicken broth ” just in case that silly cookie throws me out of ketosis”. Do you do some kind of broth fast to get you back in quickly? thx

    Great pics btw. You have such wonderful places to hike!

  2. Susan Beuscher says:

    love your daly updates Lynn!! You encourage me to stay on my journey!!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      That really makes my day, Susan!! I’m so glad you enjoy the updates, food ideas & me working my way through this crazy weight loss journey. πŸ™‚ It’s been hard, it’s been FUN, it’s been stressful and crazy and WORTH IT – lol. I’m so glad I have all of you to go through this with!! *cheers*

  3. Gaynel Bryan says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Hey, ​you are so inspiring – because of those photos – food photos. I’ve been contemplating for a long long time but your pictures make it look easy. I did my first day yesterday. Thank you!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Way to go, Gaynel!! Just getting started is the BIGGEST step, so kudos. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ You’ll be so glad you did this. It’s the best thing I’ve EVER done for myself. Let me know if you have any questions along the way! *cheers*

  4. JoAnn White says:

    How do you know if you are out of ketosis? Just curious. I found a couple mini cookies yesterday, the tiny ones from Trader Joes. They are so tempting. I had 5.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Ugh – I hope you didn’t try to hike steep inclines in the heat after that. πŸ˜› LOL.

      You can use testing strips or sticks to test for ketosis, but I don’t and never have. I can just tell. I feel bloated, cravings come back and so does my crazy appetite. OR, a few days later (after eating strictly low carb again) the keto flu hits me. That’s always an obvious sign I knocked myself OUT πŸ™‚ haha.

  5. Judy Healy says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I have a question on how you calculate the coffee creamer. When I look at the info for the sugar free hazelnut coffeemate, I see 2 carbs per tbsp. So that would equal 12 carbs that you are actually eating?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Judy,

      When I first found it, there were some labels that said 2 carbs per TBSP and some that said only 1 carb. The ingredients were slightly different too, or in a different order maybe – I never did a close comparison.

      Anyway, I would always buy as many of the “1” as I could find. I worried it was being phased out or something, lol. Now all I find is the 1 carb bottles at my store… so I know there are/were two versions floating around out there, but I get the one that says 1 net carb.

      Oh, and it’s powdered – the liquid is definitely 2!

      • Judy Healy says:

        Thanks, that is where I made to error. I was only looking at the liquid one. Thanks for the clarification.

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