Free Keto Cookbook, Low Carb Events & Meetups, Meal Plans & More

Listen in to the Keto Edge Summit online for FREE, grab this free ketogenic diet book, and find out about the upcoming low carb meetups & events!

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Kyndra Holley and I Cooked Up Something VERY Special For You! :-)

What happens when Peace Love and Low Carb and LowCarbTraveler get together? See what Kyndra and I came up with… JUST FOR YOU. You won’t find this option anywhere else on the web!

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34 Easy Low Carb Food & Meal Ideas

A quick photo tour of my easy low carb meals & snacks lately, plus new keto friendly foods I’ve been trying, to give you examples and ideas to work with…

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Crispy Macadamia Crusted Zucchini Fries – Keto Recipe Fail & Creative Save!

Every now and then I’ll get a wild hair and feel like getting creative in the kitchen. This low carb recipe had great potential until I screwed it up…. but wait till you see how I saved it!

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Quick Note & 2 Day Low Carb Food Diary

Two day keto food diary with super easy low carb meals and ideal LCHF macros. Ideas and examples you can use to mix things up this week!

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Good News/Bad News & Low Carb Foods

I have some GREAT news for you! But also some bad news, unfortunately. Plus my low carb meals & macros for yesterday, to give you some real life examples. There are lots of updates to catch up on… so here we go! 😉

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Lost & Found Department: Fear, Mindset, Motivation & Goals -Tales From The Trails

If you stop pushing yourself toward who you want to become, do you start becoming who you used to be? – I did not set out on my hike last week to face any fears or challenge my mindset or do anything adventurous even…

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❤ Legendary Foods Coupon Code: Let’s Have FUN with Special Flavor Requests!

I just had a BRILLIANT idea! Plus… let’s make the most of our Legendary Foods coupon code, and create a flavor wishlist and send them our special requests. Who knows, we might just get a low carb wish granted. 😉

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Warning 👉 Weekend Binge Starting Now…

Happy Friday! I’m taking the weekend OFF – but not quite like you might think. Here’s what I’m keto testing today, and what I have planned for my low carb weekend…

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Low Carb Parmesan Chicken Recipe Twists & Simple Sides ~ For EASY Family Meals

Since I found this super easy low carb chicken recipe in various places around the web, I’ve been enjoying it as a staple in my keto diet because it’s such a quick dinner – but SO good! It’s great for feeding an entire family easily, or for weekly meal prep…

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Feeling Defeated, Discouraged, Disgusted or Disappointed in Yourself? Read This Today…

If you do NOTHING else, read this free download today… because it’s time to stop letting life get in the way and take control of your goals again!

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In My Low Carb Kitchen This Week… ‍🍳

I’ve been playing in the kitchen. 🙂 There are a lot of fun, creative little tips in this story if you’re paying attention! How make your own low carb mix, melt in your mouth LCHF fat bombs, fun low carb treats & keto sweets – all easy ideas to ENJOY…

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My Low Carb Frustration – and Food Diary 🙂

In this Low Carb Food Diary: Will vitamins throw you out of ketosis? My low carb hangover cure. Which sugar free pancake syrup is best? And a whole slew of other fun topics from my low carb week…

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🍓 Why I Love Eating Low Carb at IHOP

IHOP is one of my favorite low carb restaurants for TWO reasons. Check out these great low carb IHOP menu options and LCHF meal ideas that are keto friendly and delicious!

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