Wait a minute! What the heck?! LOL…


By the end of this um, interesting read (lol) you might be calling me Mary or Skully – or just crazy. Here’s my Low Carb Food Diary for Thursday, my MyFitnessPal log and LCHF macros, and a WEIRD photo that totally freaked me out!!

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Low Carb Hiking: Tales From The Trails


My low carb food & fitness diary for yesterday, a beautiful day full of healthy LCHF foods and sunshine… plus plenty of exercise and insights. 🙂

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New & Interesting Low Carb Food Ideas


Here are some new & interesting ideas for low carb meals, to help you mix things up a bit in the kitchen! Including my upcoming Spicy Fried Mozzarella Sticks idea…

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Monday Weigh-In & Low Carb Meals


A fun low carb weekend with pizza and ice cream (low carb, of course!) and easy low carb meals. Here’s a photo tour of what I ate, and my LCHF Macros and MyFitnessPal logs. I look forward to hearing about your weekend!

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Low Carb Pasta: Spaghetti & Meatballs Recipe


A traditional pasta dish, low carb style! Spaghetti and meatballs (the meatballs alone are amazing and VERY low carb!!) over low carb pasta – OR – over a sauteed veggie slaw. Your choice!

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3 Day LCHF Food Diary & Low Carb Meal Ideas


3 day LCHF food diary: eating low carb fast food on the go, easy low carb meals at home, low carb chocolate & a GREAT low carb restaurant meal.

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Has My Weight Loss Stalled?! (Probably Not)


My weight has been the exact same for 5 days in a row. Why?! I know exactly why, and here are reasons for weight loss stalls you might consider if you’ve ever experienced that too…

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Best Low Carb Bread You Can Buy (Don’t Waste Your Money On Any Other)


This bread is only 1 carb per slice and the best I’ve ever tasted. Most of them taste like dirt, lol. It’s the ONLY low carb bread I’ll buy. I get the Everything Bread flavor. It’s absolutely delicious – and it makes a GREAT low carb grilled cheese!

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Monday Weigh-In & Yummy Low Carb Foods!


Looking for low carb food ideas? Check out my low carb meals this weekend! It’s time to check in too. Happy Weigh-In Day… let’s make this week COUNT and finish strong with the current low carb challenge. 🙂

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Need a little Spring/Summer Fitness & Weight Loss Motivation? ;-)


I just got a CUTE new summer dress in that I cannot WAIT to wear. It’s a very strappy summery fitted dress from Fabletics that I LOVE, and just trying it on yesterday seriously motivated me to lose this last 10 pounds and tone back up. That’s EXACTLY what I needed: some FUN motivation to work out…

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I’m Getting Fat and Going Blind, But These Low Carb Muffins Were Great! :) lol…


I lost 5.2 pounds this week, here’s what I’ve been eating – plus how and why I gained weight, and a great new low carb blueberry muffin recipe you’ll love!

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2 Day Food Diary: Keto Chocolate, Low Carb Fast Food, Healthy Restaurant Meals & More


2 days of low carb meals including keto chocolate, low carb fast food, a healthy restaurant meal, and how to go two full days without cooking at all (lol)…

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Monday Weigh-In: 2 Days of Low Carb Meals


Here’s a complete photo tour of my low carb meals this weekend, plus my macros & MyFitnessPal diaries for the last two days so you can see how I logged those meals…

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What’s In The March Keto Krate: Breakdown & Price Comparison


7 new low carb, gluten free, keto friendly specialty foods in the March Keto Krate that might interest you. The one that intrigued me most, and that I tried first, was…

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