Low Carb Challenge: Week 2 Weigh-In


Today is our Week Two Weigh In for the Spring Low Carb Challenge, so it’s time to share your total number of pounds and/or inches lost since Monday April 3rd! How are things going for you so far?

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Spring 2017 Low Carb Challenge Info


Join us for the Spring 2017 Low Carb Challenge. Just in time to look and FEEL amazing for summer! Here are the challenge details & your checklist for getting started…

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Has My Weight Loss Stalled?! (Probably Not)


My weight has been the exact same for 5 days in a row. Why?! I know exactly why, and here are reasons for weight loss stalls you might consider if you’ve ever experienced that too…

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Weight Loss Goals: What’s Holding You Back?


Are your fitness and weight loss goals a PRIORITY in your life – or just something you wish would happen? A simple exercise to help you figure that out, plus a great discussion on goals!

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Helpful Mindset & Weight Loss Tips: Making Low Carb Work For You


Those are just some of the things I wish I had figured out much sooner in my own low carb journey. I hope they prove helpful for you, wherever you are in your weight loss journey now…

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2017 Low Carb Challenge Details


Join us for a 2017 Low Carb Challenge. Just in time to look and FEEL amazing for Spring! Here are the challenge details & your checklist for getting started…

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Join Us! 60 Day Year-End Low Carb Challenge


Join us for a FUN year-end 60 day Low Carb Challenge. Just in time to look and FEEL amazing for the holidays! Here’s the details & your checklist for getting started…

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Final Weigh-In & Low Carb Challenge Discussion


Final weigh-in for the Fall Low Carb Challenge, and an open discussion on upcoming challenges. I look forward to your ideas & feedback!

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Happy Monday! Low Carb Challenge Weigh-In


It’s weigh-in day & check-in time. We’re on the last week the Fall Low Carb Challenge! How are you doing with your low carb meals & macro tracking? Any questions or struggles? I would love to hear your results so far…

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Monday Weigh-In & Slow Weight Loss Discussion


There’s a lot of talk about slow weight loss in our groups. I decided to look back over the past year this morning to get a bigger picture of my own weight loss journey, given I’m a slow loser…

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Monday Weigh-In & Weight Loss Discussion


My FAILED cheat meal tests, a weight loss update, and my goals for the week ahead. How are YOU doing on the low carb challenge?? I look forward to your update!

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Happy Monday! 4 Week Weigh-In…


It’s day 29 of the low carb challenge and time for the 4 Week Weigh-In. How are things going for you? I look forward to your updates, questions & weight loss results!

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Staying On Track Really Pays Off!


What I learned the hard way about carb cycling, cheat days, fat thoughts and how I FINALLY started seeing amazing weight loss results. Plus my low carb meals and food diary for yesterday – easy live examples for you…

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Fall 2016 Low Carb Challenge Details


Are you ready to get SERIOUS, to challenge yourself, to lose weight and improve your health, and have a FUN group of like-minded people to do it all with? Great! Join us for the Fall 2016 Low Carb Challenge!

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