Low Carb Vacation: Healthy Meals & Fun At The Beach!


I know how hard it can be to eat healthy and stick to your low carb diet when you’re traveling or on vacation, but I hope this photo tour of my healthy day on the beach inspired you. It inspired ME…

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Low Carb Road Trip On A Budget


Staying low carb on vacation and while traveling, what I ate on my LONG road trip, and how to save money booking your hotel…

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Eating Low Carb In Vegas – What I Learned (The Hard Way!)


If you ever find yourself in Vegas as a diabetic, or on a low carb diet for any reason, I hope my story proves helpful to you. This was a serious struggle for me. I was in tears more than once, and totally miserable. Here’s what I learned (the hard way, lol)…

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My Low Carb Travel Diary + Why I’ll NEVER Fly Frontier Again…


If you’ve been following on Facebook or Instagram, you know my Low Carb Vegas Trip has been a serious challenge. LOL! (Ugh) Check out my low carb airport meals…

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My Crazy Fun Adventure In Nashville Last Night :-)


The whole night left me feeling inspired. It inspired me to keep working hard toward getting in amazing shape, to keep getting out to experience the world, to keep meeting new and interesting people… and to keep exploring while I figure out what this next phase of my life is going to hold. Which is A LOT, I imagine…

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Eating Low Carb At Buffets & Catered Events


*Viewer Discretion Advised: What you are about to see includes tempting carb-filled dishes. LOL, we’re all adults here. The fact is, we’re faced with these types of temptations all the time. I’ll show you how I navigate them, and STAY healthy…

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Disney Vacation Planning Checklist


Have you ever considered a Disneyland® or Walt Disney World® vacation? There’s A LOT to see and do, including special events you may want to plan around, so a Disney vacation planning checklist is a must to get the most out of your trip…

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Booking Flights Online, Frequent Traveler Tips, and Why I Chose Southwest Airlines


I LOVE to travel, but I like to enjoy the trip as much as the destination. And sure, I like to get the best deal just like anyone else – but it pays to add up the real costs AND any inconveniences, and make a decision based on what will be the best investment AND the best experience…

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Quick Weekend Trip Gone Crazy


I had a really easy trip planned for this past weekend. I took extra measures to make it so, even. I booked direct flights for easy traveling, etc. No amount of planning and preparation can prevent unexpected travel kinks, though – LOL…

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Best Travel Deals


You can find all sorts of travel deals online if you search around enough, but the absolute best travel deals I’ve found are through Deal Chicken! I just signed up for it a few weeks ago because they had…

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Top 10 Travel Destinations


So far Canada and Australia are the only two countries I’ve visited – outside the US, where I live. There are many more places I would love to visit, though! So here are my top 10 travel destinations…

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Diamondhead Beach Resort: AWESOME!


The view was incredible, and the service at Diamondhead Beach Resort was second to none. As much as I’ve traveled, I have never been treated as good as we were at Diamondhead. Ever. I will definitely be going back, and recommending it to all my friends…

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My Favorite Downtown Chattanooga TN Hotels


I visit downtown Chattanooga quite a bit, and I usually stay at the Hilton Garden Inn. It’s a great little spot, and a very nice choice of the various downtown Chattanooga TN hotels. This last trip though, I stayed at the Marriott Courtyard Chattanooga Downtown. It’s only a block or two closer to the river, but I found it to be MUCH more convenient to all the things I wanted to do while in Chattanooga….

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Murder Mystery Dinner: So Much Fun!!


On Saturday night I went to a Murder Mystery Dinner with my 15 year old daughter, at Vaudeville Cafe in Chattanooga TN. The show we went to was an Italian/Redneck Wedding, and we had to figure out who killed the father of the groom…

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