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I love making the low carb diet EASY for people with a busy lifestyle (like me!) with my KISS / Keep It Simple method. :) About Lynn Terry: Host of the Low Carb Challenge

Monday Weigh In & Low Carb Food Diary


Happy Monday! I hope you had a great low carb weekend. I look forward to hearing what you did, what you ate, and your weigh-in for this week. Here’s my update & low carb food diary for yesterday…

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Photo Tour: 3 Days of Simple Low Carb Living


A 3-day photo tour of Simple Low Carb Living including three days of low carb meals with NO cooking, and great exercise without boring workouts or going to a gym. 🙂 Need some fresh EASY ideas? Scroll through these photos…

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Monday Weigh In & Easy Low Carb Meals


Here are all of my low carb meals over the weekend, plus my MyFitnessPal food diaries so you can see how I logged those meals. I hope this gives you some easy low carb food ideas to help mix things up. 😉

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Lynn’s Low Carb Meals & Macros


Yesterday I had 1630 calories, 20 net carbs, and 72% fat. My low carb meals were all super simple too. By sharing my daily LCHF food diaries here with you, I hope you see how easy it can be to meet your ideal macros…

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LCHF Meals & Macros + Low Carb Ice Cream


20 net carbs, 80% fat, a great low carb restaurant meal, low carb ice cream – an all around perfect low carb day! Here are my meals and MyFitnessPal food diary with net carbs calculated…

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LCHF Food Diary: Sample Low Carb Day


Down 2.6 pounds in 2 days. My LCHF food diary with low carb meals and macros, plus my MyFitnessPal food diary…

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My Low Carb Meals & Macros – Are Back! :-)


Here are my low carb meals yesterday, plus my MyFitnessPal food diary so you can see how I logged those meals…

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Weight Loss Goals: What’s Holding You Back?


Are your fitness and weight loss goals a PRIORITY in your life – or just something you wish would happen? A simple exercise to help you figure that out, plus a great discussion on goals!

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What’s In The February Keto Krate: Breakdown & Price Comparison


7 new Low Carb foods to check out! If you just got the February Keto Krate too, I look forward to hearing YOUR thoughts. If you didn’t, you can sign up today and still get one because they’re shipping daily right now, until they run out…

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Low Carb Q&A – What You Need To Know For Weight Loss Success


The TOP things you MUST know to succeed and lose weight eating low carb. Have a question or concern? Leave a comment and I’ll answer you personally!

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Today Only: Low Carb Meal Plans – Get Them While You Can!


This is super cheap, but TODAY ONLY. It includes pretty much everything you need to get amazing weight loss results – including more than 84 weeks of low carb meal plans! 🙂 Enjoy…

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An Update & Apology (I miss you!)


Apologies for going quiet. Many of you have checked in – thank you so much for that. I’m not well. I miss you, I miss our discussions, and I miss sharing my daily meals with you!

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Monday Check-In! Low Carb Discussion…


I tried two new things this week. One was the Low Carb Pasta, and it was surprisingly good. The other was Chorizo & Cheddar Cheese Balls. Join us for the discussion, and the rest of my low carb meals…

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Monday Weigh-In


If you’re participating in the 2017 Low Carb Challenge (feel free to join in anytime!) we do weigh-ins every Monday. Here’s the Week Three Weigh In for the Facebook group, or you can weigh in here…

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