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I love making the low carb diet EASY for people with a busy lifestyle (like me!) with my KISS / Keep It Simple method. :) About Lynn Terry: Host of the Low Carb Challenge

Finding Your Motivation: Challenge Yourself!


What do you REALLY want in life? What do you want to feel, or experience or accomplish? And what’s holding you BACK from getting totally committed to that? It’s time to get your feet wet… it’s time to step out and GET seriously motivated!

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Low Carb Groceries (Video), Keto Food Diaries & Low Carb Meals


Low carb groceries, my fitness challenge and exercise goals, two days of low carb meals and MyFitnessPal logs, and a fun video after my ambitious hike yesterday…

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Leftover Low Carb Pasta, Cereal & Milk, MyFitnessPal Diaries & Quick Chat


Hiking with my Great Dane, dealing with TONS of leftover low carb pasta (lol), my MyFitnessPal diaries this week, REAL cereal and milk (LCHF, of course!), and a quick chat about: doing it anyway…

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4 Days of Low Carb Meals, Including Keto Date Night & Low Carb Pasta


Keto Restaurant Meals, Low Carb Fast Food, convenience foods and comfort foods too, and some GOOD advice for sticking to your low carb lifestyle…

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Real Good Low Carb Pizza: NOT Real Good (Yuck!)


Five reasons I do NOT like Real Good Pizza. Review of this popular low carb pizza, from my personal experience after trying two. Have you tried them? Let’s discuss!

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Trying New Low Carb Foods (Two I Loved, One I Did NOT…)


Trying new low carb foods is fun, and really helps you mix things up and avoid food boredom. It’s fun when they’re good, at least -lol…

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Example Low Carb Day: 3 Meals & A Snack – 19 Net Carbs, 78% Fat (Keto/LCHF)


Eating low carb doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming, and it doesn’t require tons of planning. Here’s an example low carb day with very simple meals and perfect Keto / LCHF macros…

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3-Day Low Carb Food Diary with MyFitnessPal Logs & Easy LCHF Food Ideas


Want to take a peek at my MyFitnessPal low carb food diaries? Here’s a 3-day photo tour of my Low Carb Meals and ketogenic / LCHF macros, to give you some easy ideas for living low carb…

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Keto Diet Simplified: What It Does NOT Mean (Ketogenic vs Low Carb Explained)


There seem to be A LOT of misunderstandings of how a ketogenic diet is defined, or the difference between low carb and keto, causing serious arguments and unnecessary negativity around the web…

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Low Carb Cheesecake, Restaurant Meals, Delivery & Convenience Foods (Ideas!)


A photo tour of my Low Carb Meals this week including a low carb cheesecake recipe, low carb delivery, restaurant meals and quick & easy LCHF snacks and convenience foods…

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Low Carb Dipping Cups – Best Invention Ever!! White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles, Holiday Keto Candy & More…


This has to be the best low carb thing I’ve found in YEARS. The dipping cups are tons of fun, and now I’m playing with the White Chocolate which is only 1 net carb – and makes beautiful low carb holiday candy!

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8-Week Weigh In & Keto/Macros Discussion


What IS keto, and why do so many people define it differently? See my MyFitnessPal macros in this post, along with some clarification on what keto IS and what it is NOT…

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Traveling Low Carb: Road Trip Diary


A photo tour of my 3-day low carb road trip, winging it on the road but keeping good LCHF macros along the way! This is what a fun, active low carb lifestyle looks like…

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Three Day Low Carb Food Diary & Weekend Road Trip – Follow Along! ;-)


3 full days of easy low carb meals, plus my MyFitnessPal lchf food diaries so you can see how my macros worked out. Easy keto / low carb dinner ideas!

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