Low Carb Health & Weight Loss Blog Media Kit: Advertising & Sponsorship Options

Lynn Terry aka @LowCarbTraveler

Lynn Terry aka @LowCarbTraveler

My name is Lynn Terry, author of Traveling Low Carb and full-time professional blogger from Middle Tennessee (SE of Nashville).

I’ve been blogging about the low carb diet, weight loss mindset & motivation, and my fun travel adventures for more than 5 years.

As you can see from my recent photo to the left, I walk the talk – in my 4″ vintage red heels even. šŸ˜‰

I love inspiring and motivating others to become their happiest, healthiest self!

I’m actively looking for products, brands or sponsors to feature across my blog and social media channels in this niche – and in my (very active!) Low Carb Challenge group.

Testimonial - Low Carb Media Kit

“I love your website. I believe I’ve spent hours on it by this point. Your pictures are really great for food ideas.” -Lisa


I’m actively seeking a strong brand relationship…

I would love to find a product, brand, or merchant I can get behind for a full-on integrated promotion during the current highly-active 2016 Low Carb Challenge. This is a massive exposure opportunity (statistics provided below) and I am specifically looking for products/brands related to: low carb, weight loss, fitness, healthy lifestyle, kitchen, cooking, workouts, etc.

Whatever the product, brand or campaign… I guarantee I can bring a fun twist to the conversation, with plenty of engagement! šŸ˜€

A few of the Brands & Products I like, that convert well or that get mentioned a lot include: Coconut Oil, OXO, Fabletics, Crystal Light, Bob’s Red Mill, Whole Foods Market, Splenda, Netrition, Diet Coke, Laughing Cow, Daisy Brand, MyFitnessPal, Daisy Brand, Quest Nutrition, Curves, Stevia, FitBit, savings/coupons/giveaways/contests, New Balance and Skechers, KitchenAid, Paderno and other kitchen appliances & gadgets, Shape Magazine, SPANX.

I’m wide open to options though, and look forward to exploring new products and brands to consider!

The Target Market

This is a VERY targeted niche, not a general weight loss topic, and the readers/followers are highly engaged.

In addition to my blog and social media channels, I run a Low Carb Challenge Group with over 66,800 members (and growing by the day!) who are consistently working toward healthy lifestyle changes – which includes exercise / fitness, healthy food choices, and strengthening willpower and mindset to achieve health goals.

There are both male and female members, but the challenge group is majority female.

I run the challenge several times a year, but the group stays open & active year round. We’re a group of serious cookers and eaters. šŸ˜‰ lol…

Popular Low Carb Instagram Account

Statistics & Reach

My traffic sources are purely organic. The majority of traffic comes from search, social media and my Facebook group. In addition to my loyal readership, I reach out and connect with new people every single day.

Social Media Channels:

Low Carb Traveler
Low Carb Facebook Group Facebook Group: 66,841 members

Low Carb Facebook Page Facebook Page: 18,035 likes


Twitter Low Carb Traveler Twitter: 2,194 followers

Low Carb Pinterest Pinterest: 9,403 followers


Low Carb Instagram Instagram: 24,267 followers

Low Carb Tumblr Tumblr: 5,217 followers

Low Carb Google Plus Google+: 1,054 followers | 136,904 views

Low Carb YouTube (NEW!): 219 Subscribers (21,968 Views)


* Social Stats updated June 10th, 2016 at 3:00pm


Facebook Page January 2016

PR Low Carb Media Kit

Facebook Page April/May 2016

Popular Low Carb Facebook Page



Email lists: 19,165 subscribers

* I also host live weekly webinars with my audience. I’m happy to bring on guests and co-hosts, and would love for these fun/interactive live events to be sponsored!

Site Statistics:

TravelingLowCarb.com saw over 2 million page views in 2014.

Total Pageviews in 2015: 4,226,043

The site currently averages 15,000 pageviews a day and 100,000 unique visitors per month (which is on the rise with new promotions & channels).

Statistics are current as of March 26th, 2016 at 9:30pm:

PR Low Carb Blog Media Kit

January 2016 saw 107,855 unique visitors and 567,536 pageviews.

* This does not include 90DayLowCarbChallenge.com which sees more than 7,000 unique visitors per month, and had more than 80,000 pageviews in 2015.

TOTAL REACH: 200,000+

Including website visitors, email & social media channels, the total reach is approximately 200,000 at any given time – not including extended reach via social media. As you can see from the Facebook Insights above, as one example, I only have 14,000+ connections but 45,000+ “reach” most weeks due to shares.

* Reach can easily be increased dramatically with the use of targeted hashtags, keyword optimization & video campaigns.


Blog Post Examples with Product/Brand Integration

The stats above are from the website only. The first link listed, which got over 3,000 shares on the website, saw over 24,000 reach on Facebook:

Low Carb Blog Media Kit

I recently did a campaign for a low carb food product that converted extremely well. It spanned across multiple blog posts over 2-3 months, and numerous social updates, ranging from ingredients comparison to creative ideas for product use.


When I get behind a product I love… I get behind it ALL the way! šŸ™‚


Current Projects / Angles / Campaigns

I’m very active in the market, both online and off, including Low Carb Meetups I host around the world. I recently hosted an Atlanta Meetup and an Asheville Meetup for example, as well as Toronto and Okaloosa Island.

Low Carb Restaurants

Low Carb Restaurants

Restaurants are of specific interest given how much I travel and eat out, and enjoy teaching others to make healthy menu choices.

See this tweet and this one as an example of my on-the-go social media updates.

See my posts on Eating Low Carb at Restaurants.

I would love to work with fun restaurants around the world, and bring my meetups to neat new places to “meat & eat”!

The current challenge has a “Make Healthier Lifestyle Choices” theme – and I am running that theme strong! This includes exercise, real food, weight loss mindset, motivation, and healthy choices in general.

Locations / Fitness / Exercise: I’m BIG on living a healthy, active lifestyle. While I enjoy the gym, and home gym equipment and workout videos, I also love to water ski and go hiking. In addition to the healthy Restaurant Meet-ups, I’ll be hosting Fitness Meet-ups for group hikes and healthy exercises as well.

Is your location a good fit? Let’s talk!

Kitchen: I am in the process of organizing and redesigning my kitchen, which will include new counters and flooring, and new gadgets & utensils. I would love to feature your products or your company in the “live project” as I share my progress with the world…

Food: I am always on the hunt (literally, spear in hand! lol) for new food products to try and review, and share with my readers and my group. Have a healthy food product we’d love? Let me know!

* A HUGE percentage of my users are mobile, so relevant apps are a GREAT fit! šŸ˜‰

Get In Touch!

I’m actively looking for products, brands and sponsors to feature in my active group and across my blog and social media channels. If you would like to reach my audience, and you’re looking for FUN creative angles and HIGH enthusiasm with a great response… get in touch with me!

Lynn Terry aka Low Carb TravelerYou can reach me by email at

I would LOVE to work with you to set up a fun, creative advertising campaign that meets your current objectives! Email me today and let’s see what we can “cook up” together. šŸ˜‰

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

Phone: 931-473-2658

Lynn Terry
PO Box 7245
McMinnville, TN 37111

Email: TravelingLowCarb@gmail.com

Download Media Kit
(currently being updated, can send PDF version of Media Kit upon request)

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