Low Carb Diet = Natural Appetite Suppressant

Eating carbs stimulates your appetite, so a low carb diet actually works as a natural appetite suppressant.

This always amazes me because I can put away some serious food. But the minute I start eating low carb, I am literally shocked at how little I seem to eat.

Not only does Atkins (or just eating low carb) suppress your appetite, but you’ll also find that it naturally curbs your cravings for all the foods you think you can’t live without.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard someone say, “I could never live without bread” or “I could never give up fruit.” I’ve never been a fruit eater myself, so that wasn’t an issue for me, but I can tell you firsthand that a low carb diet kills your desire for things like bread and pasta and sugar altogether.

It’s like pure magic the way it works because it’s immediate and a complete 180 for most people. On the flip side, eating carbs (I’m referring to “bad carbs”) induces your cravings for bread and sugar and pasta – and basically all the stuff that makes you FAT.

This is why a low carb diet works so well for people, even if they don’t have any real weight loss motivation. All you really have to do is start eating low carb, and the diet takes over naturally – reducing your appetite, your cravings, and your desire for all the foods you think you can’t live without.

How does it work? Eating low carb affects your blood insulin levels. In fact, it drops them dramatically, which naturally suppresses your appetite. Eating (bad) carbs actually spikes your insulin levels, which induces both cravings and appetite. It can be a nasty cycle that not only causes you to eat more, crave bad foods, and gain weight… but it can ultimately result in nasty health issues, including diabetes.

There are tons of people searching for appetite suppressants, and even natural appetite suppressants, but I would much rather eat real food than take a pill or an herb or a supplement of any kind. That’s just my personal preference, but it doesn’t make any sense to me at all to take something out of a bottle when you can just EAT.

Real food should always be your first choice. That’s about as “natural” as you can get when it comes to suppressing your appetite, or achieving any other healthy change.

Another misconception about eating low carb is that it’s more expensive. I eat alone for the most part, so it’s easier for me to calculate my food expenses since I’m not cooking for a family. My experience has been that yes, some things are more expensive… but I’m actually eating a lot less, and without a lot of the add-ons that add-up.

It’s very rare that I’ve heard of someone “being hungry” on a low carb diet. Given that it’s a natural appetite suppressant, which is a result of proper “food combining”, if you’re starving on a low carb diet then you may not be doing it right. ;-)

I would love to hear your experience, and whether you notice a major decrease in your appetite – and with cravings too – when eating low carb. Obviously when you first start out it’s usually a dramatic change to your diet, and it takes a few days for your body to adjust, and for those cravings to go away. But I find that it kicks in pretty quick, especially the lack of appetite…

Speaking of, you should never force yourself to eat more than you feel like eating. Listen to your body. It will tell you when it needs more food, and when it needs less.

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20 Responses to Low Carb Diet = Natural Appetite Suppressant

  1. Bobbie Pilkinton says:

    When I started eating low-carb foods I definitely noticed that I wasn’t as hungry as I used to be. I could eat two eggs and two pieces of bacon and feel REALLY full. And I don’t crave potatoes, pasta, and breads like I thought I would. In fact, I hardly think about those foods. Instead, I spend my time thinking of foods I CAN eat, and trying new recipes. My cholesterol was high when I started LC, but now it has gone down considerably, along with my high Triglycerides. Amazing! It blows my mind when people say that LC eating is not “healthy”, and that I’m not eating enough food. So, those Pop-tarts and boxes of Cheez-its ARE healthy? Low-carb is all about eating healthy, natural foods. Nothing overly processed. And most important: NO SUGAR! What could possibly be wrong with that? Ok…rant over.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Rant away, Bobbie! I experience the exact same thing. I have had to bite my tongue a lot, lol. Congrats on sticking it out and seeing such great health benefits just by changing the way you eat, no matter what the pop-tart-cheez-it-eating folks are saying. ;-) *cheers*

  2. Mona Karel says:

    I still miss good bagels. But I’ve found when I do eat out, and order a sandwich without a bun, I’m satisfied more quickly than I ever was with a burger’n’bun. I pretty much ignore the few people who might question my diet. I don’t say much about their choices, unless they’re drinking a diet soda. Then I do have to vent!
    I’ve really enjoyed learning new and wonderful ways to prepare food. Parmesan zucchini is a great way to take in veggies!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      It’s interesting to me how much less I eat at my favorite fast food spots. Like you said, I am much more satisfied on less when I don’t eat the carbs. I’ve also enjoyed experimenting with new food choices. It’s fun, and I find I have a whole new range of tastes for interesting foods!

      I don’t judge. But that’s because prior to going low carb two years ago, I ate terrible. And I still smoke. So I have no room to talk about something like a diet soda (which I drink too, lol) or any other good or bad health choices people make.

      Life is a journey, and I’m making tons of positive changes – including regular exercise (finally!) – so it’s one step at a time toward changing negative habits into good ones, and I celebrate each and every success along the way! (: *cheers*

  3. Linda says:

    What I find weird is that before LC, I could easily polish off a big burger and fries. Now I’ll get the same burger without the bun and fries…and I can barely finish the burger! Now that doesn’t really make sense in a way because I’m technically eating less food…but I don’t have to know the WHY of things, just that it works!!!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I’m the same way, Linda. It’s shocking really, but I love it! :D Interestingly, most people who eat low carb get funny looks and sideways comments from their friends and family. We were just discussing that on the Facebook group recently – how to deal with it – specifically when people act “worried that you’re not eating enough.” You would think the people who love you most actually prefer you to be overweight and unhealthy with all their comments sometimes. :P

  4. Michele Groulx Parker says:

    I was known as the HOT FRIES LADY>>>at Mc Donald’s as I would not accept them unless they were hot out of the fryer…am I the only one that thinks that is sad? The other day my brother and I stopped in at a local restaurant famous for their fish & chips…After ordering a side salad, because the waiter told me that the coleslaw was made with sugar I took all the breading off the fish and was very content…then the fries came and they were the steak fries…my favorite and she promptly places a full bottle of Heinz catsup on the table. Before switching to the low carb lifestyle, I would have devoured the entire plate and then had dessert, but now I had no desire for them plus there was NO dessert ordered…I would definitely say that eating low carb has diminished my appetite and I still am eating very healthy and satisfying foods. REAL food for REAL people with REAL appetites. I am never going to go back to my former way of eating.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      “REAL food for REAL people with REAL appetites.”

      ^ well said! :D

      For anyone that thinks I’m not eating *enough* … did you really NOT think I was eating wayyyy too much before?! Funny that nobody really said anything then. ;-)

  5. Protein is definitely an appetite suppressant! It’s amazing :)

  6. Rhond says:

    36 hrs in and I looked around in mild shock realizing I did not want anything to eat! A little lethargic but more mental than physical I think–how could I be not craving carbs and why did it take so long to start this? 49 yrs old and 240 lbs…… Will I self sabotage??

  7. Michael says:

    I love when people criticize my use of artificial sweeteners. I by no means am saying they are good for you but they are certainly the lesser of two evils. They are by far the most rigorously tested product for food safety and and their links to health problems are inconclusive at best. WE KNOW SUGAR KILLS YOU!!! Time and time again sugar has been shown to be poison. So, at the end of the day, I think I’ll stay away from the known poison. Furthermore, to anyone who says that refined sugar is the natural choice, where exactly have you seen a pile of refined sugar in nature? It’s just as man made as anything else.

  8. ELSA says:

    Lynn: so you think Splenda is the best sugar subtitute? i am so enjoying your blog. I am new to it and my daughter and I are so excited. We are determined to live healthy like never before.
    PS: Splenda won’t affect losing?

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