5 Full Days of EASY Low Carb Meals


Keto SnacksI’ve had a very simple, very low carb week. Below you’ll find five days worth of low carb meals – plus my MyFitnessPal food diaries so you can see how I logged those meals.

I love keeping it simple. I tend to eat the same things a lot, and when I get bored with that I just mix it up a bit – as you’ll see below in my “food photo tour.” 😉

One of my favorite ways to “mix things up” besides low carb restaurant & take-out meals, is the Keto Krate Foods that I get every month…

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Five Days of Easy Low Carb Meals & MyFitnessPal Diaries

I’ll start with my “usual meals” that I repeat a lot, as you’ll see those several times throughout my week in my MyFitnessPal logs below. They’re just low carb staples I keep on hand to make things easy…

Low Carb Cereal: 1/2 cup pecans, 1/4 cup Daisy Brand cottage cheese & 4 small strawberries = 5 net carbs, 85% healthy fat.

Homemade Low Carb Cereal - LCHF, Healthy, Real Food

Cheesy Eggs: 4 eggs scrambled in real butter with colby jack cheese (cubed off the block) with a little salt & pepper:

LCHF Cheesy Eggs Scrambled in Real Butter

Pecans are my go to snack because they are VERY low carb and VERY high fat, they’re a “real food” and they’re very portable and not messy – easy to eat in the car, at your desk, etc.

Pecans: A Great LCHF Snack - Very Low Carb, High Fat


Tuesday’s Low Carb Food Diary

I had 6 large coffees (18-20oz mugs) each with a TBSP of Sugar Free Coffee-Mate Powdered Hazelnut Creamer. The powdered version is creamier, it takes less than the liquid too, and it’s lower in carbs than the liquid.

Macros: 15 net carbs, 1757 calories, 57 grams of protein, 84% fat / 13% protein.

MyFitnessPal Low Carb Food Diary with Net Carbs Column


Wednesday’s Low Carb Food Diary

Macros: 19 net carbs, 1681 calories, 132 grams of protein, 56% fat / 39% protein. (not accurate – explained below)

MyFitnessPal Low Carb Food Diary with Net Carbs Column

This low carb meal was at a Japanese/Sushi restaurant. I was torn between the “chicken & vegetables” and “cashew chicken”… so I ordered the chicken & veggies and said: “no sauce, no rice, add cashews”. 🙂 I ate around the carrots & snow peas, it also had: broccoli, asparagus & zucchini. Delicious!

Low Carb Meal at a Japanese / Sushi Restaurant

I wasn’t sure how to log this meal, and normally I would log the individual ingredients & amounts – but I was being lazy about it. 😉 I also had some bites of fresh avocado – maybe 1/4 an avocado. Plus a few bites of crab & cream cheese mixture… so my fat would be higher for this day too.

My lunch in the food diary above was leftover “Chicken Parmesan” with baked chicken breast, lathered in Chipotle Lime Mayo and coated with finely shredded parmesan, then topped with mozzarella and Organic Tomato Basil Sauce. Delicious!!

Low Carb Smothered Chicken - Chipotle Lime Mayo, Mozzarella & Organic Marinara

This photo was “leftovers reheated” so not as pretty as the original, lol.


Thursday’s Low Carb Food Diary

Macros: 20 net carbs, 1528 calories, 65 grams of protein, 78% fat / 17% protein.

Low Carb Snack : Salami

I had a serving of Kretschmar brannd salami slices instead of pecans this day. 🙂

MyFitnessPal Low Carb Food Diary with Net Carbs Column

There’s a new flavor of Keto Kookies: Double Chocolate!

They sent me a box to review, so I tried one with some Halo Top Creamery low carb Mint Chip ice cream that night. 🙂 YUM!

Delicious Low Carb Dessert - Cookies & Ice Cream!

The best place I’ve found to get Halo Top ice cream is the larger Kroger stores. They have the lowest prices and the best flavor selections.;)


Friday’s Low Carb Food Diary

Macros: 24 net carbs, 1932 calories, 62 grams of protein, 82% fat / 13% protein.

My low carb breakfast was SO good: cream cheese, raspberries & Pili Nuts 🙂 YUM!

Pili Nuts are wild harvested and insanely nutrient dense. They’re HUGE soft, buttery nuts – and totally addictive. 🙂 You can get a special discount from me to you using code LOWCARBTRAVELER (all caps) at http://www.EatPiliNuts.com

MyFitnessPal Low Carb Food Diary with Net Carbs Column

For dinner I got take-out from Applebee’s Carside-to-To: a caesar salad with grilled salmon instead of chicken (and no croutons, of course!). There’s an upcharge for that, but it’s totally worth it.

Low Carb Take-Out Meal from Applebee's Restaurant

For dessert, the Double Chocolate Keto Kookie again – this time topped with peanut butter! 🙂 WHAT A NICE TREAT ♥ ♥

NEW: Double Chocolate Keto Kookie (low carb cookies)


Saturday’s Low Carb Food Diary

Macros: 16 net carbs, 1742 calories, 79 grams of protein, 78% fat / 18% protein.

Berries are not fruit, and are a great addition to a ketogenic low carb diet

I had my usual “cereal” but this time I added blueberries too.

Berries are not technically a fruit, and a great addition to a healthy ketogenic low carb diet – in moderation.

MyFitnessPal Low Carb Food Diary with Net Carbs Column

For dinner I had cheesy eggs again (blah, lol), this time with ham added:

LCHF Meal - Ham, Egg & Cheese Scramble


Macronutrients: Simple Explanation Of Low Carb Macros

How To Get A Net Carbs Column in MyFitnessPal

I went out yesterday to get some FUN exercise, including a hike plus bluff jumping and rope swinging into the COLD river. 🙂 It was adventurous and exhilarating!!

Adventurous Fitness!

Fabletics came out with a new “Lisette High-Waisted Short” that is GREAT for yoga, running & workouts… but I love them for “swimming shorts” on my crazy fun outdoor adventures. 🙂 I’m ordering more!!

Use the Search term: Lisette High-Waisted Short at Fabletics to find them. That’s my refer-a-friend link. You’ll get a special deal on their awesome leggings when you get referred by a friend.;)

Fabletics NEW High Waisted Yoga / Workout Shorts - Great for Swimming!

They are PERFECT – great fit, high waisted, good coverage, flattering, comfortable, and they dry fast. 🙂 Very nice coverage if you prefer to be more conservative.

They are like a second skin too, so I can easily wear them under my shorts with no bulk when I’m hiking to a favorite watering hole:

@ lowcarbtraveler


I hope this gave you some ideas & inspiration for easy low carb meals, and just keeping it simple in general. I would love to hear what your “usual meals” and staples are, and what YOU do to mix things up when you get bored with those. 🙂

How are things going for you?

Reminder: We’ll weigh in tomorrow morning! (on Monday)

Leave a comment & let’s talk…

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. Be sure to check out Keto Krate. They’re now gluten free AND keto friendly. 🙂


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11 Responses to 5 Full Days of EASY Low Carb Meals

  1. Mary Jo Klos says:

    I LOVE your site, blog, MFP Diary….love it!! Do you recommend any canned soups?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Mary Jo 🙂

      The only canned soup I eat myself is Campbell’s canned condensed chicken broth, mixed with about 3/4 water (instead of 1:1) sometimes with a pat of butter in it. 🙂

  2. Traci Murdaugh says:

    Hi Lynn.. thanks for your food diaries. I want to share my basic foods with you. Because of you i started eating the cottage cheese cereal mix about a year ago & eat as a breakfat or lunch almost daily. I usually have 3 pieces of bacon or sausage & 2 scrambled eggs. I keep boiled eggs in hand & will sometimes chop up a couple for egg salad to just eat with a fork right outta the bowl. Can of tuna with mayo & onion. Sometimes i have a nice big salad… garden, chef, or antipasto salad! Dinner, we usually grill a piece of meat, a green veggie. Or a garden salad.
    I have questioned if i am eating enough in macros .. i think so.please advise with your opinion.
    Also wanted to ask you about the training classes we have…will they last forever or do they go away?
    I was happy i woke up today feeling i was back in ketosis! Not bloated, but as you said..that lean not bloated feeling..yayy! Heres to a perfect eating month of may… lets just see what happens!!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Traci 🙂

      The only way to know if your macros are on target is to track. I use MyFitnessPal as you can see. This is a simple explanation & illustration, and includes a link to set yours up like mine: http://www.travelinglowcarb.com/7006/macronutrients/

      The training classes will remain available, and there are now 3 full hours – and it comes with a free email consultation: http://90daylowcarbchallenge.com/mentoring/

      They were SO fun, and everyone really enjoyed them, so I’ll be doing them again – and on a regular basis. 🙂 For now you can still get access to the replays, and if you already have access – there’s no time limit on that. 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    I love ur simple style of foods! Much easier for me to follow thru. No guilt with keeping it simple. I would have never thought to try cottage cheese with pecans, let alone for breakfast had I not happened upon u. It’s my fav go to breakfast food. Thank u for inspiring us and showing us simplicity works! I absolutely luv it!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I’m so glad, Chris. 🙂 If I had to cook all the time, or meal prep, I would have never succeeded with this like I have – lol. I have a busy lifestyle, travel a lot, and even when I am home… have much better things to do than spend all day in the kitchen. 😉 Simple is GOOD!! *cheers*

  4. Amanda says:

    Love the shorts, I’m going to look them up! Is that a sundress or is it a jumper you are wearing over them? If so I would love to know what brand & where to find it.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Amanda 🙂 It’s an American Eagle brand jumper – and I also have a sundress from AE.com that I often wear over my swim clothes too. Both are great for hiking, because they are breezy & cool – and good coverups. 🙂

  5. Keeks says:

    OMG THERE’S ICE CREAM??!!! How have I missed this?? I went to the Halo Top website to see where they sell it in my area. Just so happens, only a mile down the street! Lord have mercy….

    • Lynn Terry says:

      lol Keeks – you’ll LOVE Halo! 🙂 The best place to buy it is the larger Kroger stores. They have the lowest prices and the best flavor selection. ENJOY!!

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