Monday Weigh-In & Low Carb Meals

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If you’re participating in the 2017 Low Carb Challenge (feel free to join in anytime!) we do weigh-ins every Monday. Here’s the Week 12 Weigh-In for the Facebook group, or you can weigh in here by leaving a comment below on this post.

Keto SnacksHappy Monday. πŸ™‚ I hope you had a GREAT weekend!

Mine was quiet as usual, after some fun dancing on Friday night πŸ™‚ and included things like pizza & ice cream – the stuff weekends are made of!

haha, all low carb of course.;)

I can’t wait to hear what you ate, and how things are going with you!

Here’s a photo tour of my low carb meals this weekend, plus my MyFitnessPal diaries for the last two days too so you can see how I logged those meals…

Saturday’s Low Carb Meals

Saturday morning I was a bit foggy and hungover from my 5 low carb beers (Michelob Ultra) the night before, and my hips and calves were SORE from dancing in 5″ heels all night (lol) so I grabbed the quickest easiest things I could get my hands on to eat – just so I could take some advil. 😯 haha

It’s just 1/2 cup of raw pecans (60 grams). They’re VERY low carb and high fat, so super filling without many carbs – and a real food.:)

Pecans - Real Food, LCHF Snack

My “dance partner” stayed the weekend to help me with shopping & new recipes (I know, I know – a man that dances, shops AND cooks! πŸ™‚ lol) and when he finally woke up a few hours later… he was craving pancakes, ha! So he ran out to McDonald’s, and I got sausage & eggs.

Low Carb Fast Food at McDonald's

It was a rainy Saturday night so we decided to stay in and order pizza. πŸ™‚

Well, we ordered dinner from Domino’s I mean. There was no actual pizza involved. We each got a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (I removed my croutons) and split an 8-piece order of mild unbreaded bone-in wings.

Low Carb Meal from Domino's Pizza - Caesar Salad & Mild Wings

Later that night we watched a movie, and I had some Halo Top low carb ice cream (Mocha Chip) with pecan chips. He had pie. πŸ˜›

A Low Carb Saturday Night Snack :)

Here’s how I logged my meals for Saturday:

MyFitnessPal LCHF / Low Carb Food Diary


Sunday’s Low Carb Meals

Sunday morning’s low carb breakfast was a simple bacon & eggs – with the eggs scrambled in real butter with colby jack cheese (off the block).

LCHF Breakfast of Bacon & Cheesy Eggs

For lunch I made my favorite “cereal” with: 1/2 cup pecan pieces, 1/4 cup Daisy brand cottage cheese and 4 small diced strawberries. My favorite go-to LCHF meal. πŸ™‚

Homemade Low Carb Cereal, Healthy & LCHF

For dinner we made the Low Carb Meatballs & Pasta recipe. The meatballs were his favorite πŸ™‚ but he enjoyed the whole pasta dish, even as a carb-eating man!

Low Carb Pasta Dish


Here’s my MyFitnessPal Food Diary for Sunday:

MyFitnessPal Low Carb Food Diary with Net Carbs

Macronutrients: Simple Explanation Of Low Carb Macros

How To Get A Net Carbs Column in MyFitnessPal

Net Carbs: 20
Total Carbs: 38
Calories: 1533
Protein: 73 grams
75% Fat / 19% Protein

This was the Low Carb Grocery List I sent him out with this weekend. I was going for “mix & match” options that will make great meals all week long. So now I have a TON of food in my refrigerator to COOK this week. 😯 Ugh, lol.

I keep telling myself it’ll be FUN. πŸ˜› haha

Low Carb Grocery List


Our current low carb challenge ends on March 31st… so this is a great time to FINISH STRONG. πŸ™‚ We’ll have our final weigh-in on Saturday morning!

A new Low Carb Challenge will begin soon, so make sure you’re signed up so you don’t miss out on that.

I got my Tricep Dips in! πŸ™‚ On top of some SERIOUS lower body work on the dancefloor Friday night, lol. I’m really challenging myself to get back to regular strength & muscle building.

What about you – did you get in some exercise this weekend?

How are things going for you?

How are you doing with your low carb meals & macro tracking?

Any questions or struggles?

Are you feeling seriously MOTIVATED… or totally off track?

Don’t forget to weigh in below, or in the group…

Leave a comment & let’s talk. πŸ™‚

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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About Lynn Terry

I love making the low carb diet EASY for people with a busy lifestyle (like me!) with my KISS / Keep It Simple method. :) About Lynn Terry: Host of the Low Carb Challenge
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30 Responses to Monday Weigh-In & Low Carb Meals

  1. gina says:

    When does the new challenge start. I have been staying low carb for over two weeks. I know i need to weigh in today but i am afraid to do so because i overdid my salt intake yesterday. Yes i added salt to some bland food i ate at the dining area in my apt. Complex. I thought the added salt( himalayan pink salt) would help with keto flu and this salt has great healthy mineral content. It did help me feel better. I think i will weigh tomorrow now. πŸ™‚
    I was tempted by a new popeyes chicken place but luckily it has not officially opened yet. Lol. I went to Hardees instead…..good thing. πŸ™‚

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hardee’s is always a good choice. πŸ˜‰ You’ll have to look up the menu & nutrition facts for the other place. I discovered Bojangles has GREAT spicy chicken bites that are super low carb – and green beans too!

      The salt will definitely help, or chicken broth. If you go too low sodium you’ll get headaches and leg cramps too, but you already knew that. πŸ˜‰

      We’ll kick off again on Monday April 3rd, with the final weigh in for this challenge on Saturday April 1st. πŸ™‚

  2. Jamie Redfearn says:

    Weigh in at 253… that’s down 26 Lbs. I started a little late on Jan 23rd so I am at 9 Weeks.

  3. Connie Marie Bussey says:

    Haven’t weighed in a bit as the scale isn’t moving. Going to add the net carb part to MFP … I’ve been going to the gym though and I can SEE a difference. Will weigh in for the challenge in the morning. Love the things you share, gives me awesome ideas.

  4. Sandra Hale says:

    I really want to get started today, I will be a week ahead of the challenge, which is OK with me. My beginning weight is 209 today.

  5. Cynthia says:

    I gain 10 pounds in 1 week, l was like a kid with new toy, l was just eating things that we don’t have in New Mexico. Everything was so good and l don’t regret it. Just have a question, should l start eating normal? What is the Keto fasting?
    Glad you had a good weekend!!

  6. CYNTHIA says:

    I’m eating keto, l was with low carb but l started with keto about one moth ago. Las week l get my gol 140 pounds, but l couldn’t resist . So l’m back home and start with my rutine

  7. CYNTHIA says:

    Lynn some times l confused with the low carb and Keto, even my husband says that for him is the same thing. I’m not really good to explain to him what is the difference. Can you help me with that?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Some people eat lowER carb or lower carb / lower fat (which is tough!). A ketogenic low carb diet is VERY low carb, moderate protein, HIGH fat. So: 20 net carbs max, 70% fat minimum.

      That’s pretty much the “Induction Phase” of the Atkins low carb diet, except it tiers up to higher carb allowances. I stay “keto” though as a lifestyle, to stay out of chronic pain.

  8. CYNTHIA says:

    Thank you so much for the explanation

  9. Michaela says:

    Hello there, it’s good to have this community.
    I have been on keto straight for a whole year now. In the first 5 months I lost nearly thirty pounds then…it stopped and it has even gone up, though no change of diet, about 11 pounds.
    Frustrating…. However, all my blood levels are great and that is a huge success.
    12 years ago I had my gallbladder removed. Since there is no more gallbladder to release the bile neccessary to break up the consumed fat, could it be that this is why there is this stall and even gain?
    See, in all the diets before, I have lost weight but always came to a point like the one I am at now. Could the initial weight loss have more to do with the calory reduction, rather than keto? And if I would take supplements, ox bile, niacin and a b-complex to be able to break up the fat I eat, could that actually break that stall?
    I have been so tired lately, remember my blood looks great, maybe I need the supplements for getting the best out of the healthy fats?
    I know, I wrote alot, but I am desperately searching for answers. To come to a semi normal weight, I have about 40 pounds to go. So please give advice or share your experience
    Thanks alot.

  10. Michaela says:

    Hi Lynn, I am tracking via my fitness pal and I stay within the same range that you suggested. 5% net carbs, 70% fat and 25% protein. After all, you were my teacher for a whole year ;-).
    I find, I lack nothing with keto and I am quite pleased with my blood results. They couldn’t be better.
    My only worry is the weight plateau. And it seems as coconutoil and butter run right through me… No sooner have I drunk my RFL or bulletproof coffee, I run to the toilet.
    That is why I was wondering if my body, due to the missing gall bladder, can’t handle taking from the fat what my body needs. And so it shuts down the motabolism, etc. just like it would after a while on a low calorie diet. If that is the case, the oxbile, niacin and b-complex could make the difference. I sure hope this might be the solution.
    Thank you so much for being such an encourager and mentor through the months.
    God bless,

  11. Michaela says:

    Thank you for the advice Lynn. Will check up on that.

  12. Patrice says:

    Lost 1lb this week, guess better than nothing! If I wanted to have a drink (or 2!)this weekend which is the best low carb option? Mich ultra,champagne or Titos vodka with club soda?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Patrice πŸ™‚

      I like Michelob Ultra for beer. It’s 2.6 carbs per 12 ounce bottle, so I have to eat SUPER low carb that day if I know I’m going to have a few.;) I also like rum & diet coke (zero carbs). I’m guessing vodka and diet soda is zero carb too.

      Just don’t weigh yourself for a few days after you enjoy a drink. It takes your body a lot longer to metabolize alcohol – and it will metabolize it first, over any food in your system.

      • Lynn Terry says:

        p.s. About a pound a week is ideal for me. πŸ™‚ Keep in mind that weight loss is not linear, you’ll see all kinds of trends (holds, fluctuations, etc) throughout your journey!

  13. JosΓ© Henrique CΓ’mara says:

    Hi! I recently stumbled upon this great blog and am reading it through. Congratulations on the great content!
    I have been following the LCHF diet for 5 weeks now. In the first week I lost 1.5 pounds and then stopped losing. It’s been 4 weeks and I only lost 1 more pound.
    I have been fasting 18:6h 3 times a week, eating less than 20g of net carbs, and 70% of calories from fat, everything by the book. Still, as I am doing intermitent fasting, my daily intake rarely exceeds 1600 calories. What is supposedly going wrong? I am far from being lean, I have about 12 or 14 pounds left to lose.
    Best regards from Brazil.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Patrice says:

      From experience, I don’t think fasting is good on any diet. Remember, if you DON’T eat then your body has NOTHING to burn! Think of it as fuel in a car.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi JosΓ© πŸ™‚

      That last 10-20 pounds is the most challenging! I’m curious – are you ever hungry at all between the fasting and lower calorie intake? If so, that will cause your weight loss to “hold”. Otherwise, without knowing what you’re eating, it’s really hard to say WHAT is going on there…

    • Jose Henrique Camara says:

      Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for your response!

      I am basically eating a good steak with two eggs with butter or olive oil for lunch and eggs with bacon and cheese for dinner. Sometimes I snack some cashew nuts or some 70% dark chocolate.

      I rarely feel hungry during fasting. Do you think I should increase my food intake?

      Tomorrow I will start logging my meals and check my progress and come back here with more accurate data.

      Thanks again. I really admire your work helping all these people.

      • Lynn Terry says:

        The only real way to know is to test. πŸ™‚ A clean test is to change only one thing at a time for 2 weeks minimum and watch the results.

        Tracking is key, to make sure you are definitely at 20 net carbs max, but more importantly 70% fat minimum. You want to make sure you aren’t going over 25% protein too – eating high protein can cause kidney issues (on ANY diet).

        You have to go by ratios (percentages) because some proteins are also fats. Speaking of, make sure you pick a good fatty steak like a ribeye. πŸ˜‰

        Here’s a simple illustration & explanation of macros & tracking: Keep me psoted!! I love experiments. πŸ™‚

  14. Linda says:

    I started this challenge yesterday but forgot to post my weight. It was at 164.
    One other thing. Is the Coffee-Mate SF Hazelnut powdered Creamer 1 Carb for a Tablespoon? I thought it was 2 carbs unless I am missing something. Thanks
    Thank you so much for doing this!

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