Happy 2017! Here’s To A New Year Together!! :-)


Keto SnacksHappy New Year! 🙂 The new 2017 Low Carb Challenge has officially kicked off. You can click here for the challenge details, and join in anytime if you haven’t already.

It’s so exciting to be kicking off a New Year with you!

2016 was an amazing year of personal transformation for me personally, and I’m really excited about my goals for the year ahead. 🙂

Speaking of, I shared this on my Facebook Page this morning, and thought you’d really enjoy it too. 🙂


I really enjoyed the weekend of celebration, thinking back over what I achieved in 2016… and looking ahead at what I most want to accomplish in 2017. In many ways I am extremely proud of what I did over the last year, but I was also happy to see the year come to an end – making way for a FRESH start on so many things. 🙂

I spent the weekend making my annual trip to North Carolina to ring in the New Year with my favorite band: The Avett Brothers!

It was an AMAZING concert (as usual!) and I had a FABULOUS time.

Here’s a video from the concert. You’ll love it even if you’re not a fan. 😉

A video posted by Lynn Terry (@lowcarbtraveler) on


I’ll share my entire New Year’s Eve day and night with you, and I’ll also share some photos of me from the trip – and how I feel about those. 😛

I got on the road early on Saturday to head to Charlotte, NC from middle Tennessee. It’s only about a 6 hour drive, including a beautiful drive over the mountains.

I had my low carb breakfast on the road: just 3 sausage patties and 3 round fried eggs from McDonald’s. That’s exactly how I ordered it, and it was around $5.

Eating Low Carb at McDonald's for Breakfast (New: All Day Breakfast!)

Of course I brought plenty of coffee along for the road trip. 🙂

My Contigo travel mugs keep my coffee HOT for hours. Mine has autoseal too, so it’s spill proof. A must-have on any road trip for coffee lovers. 😉

Best Contigo Travel Coffee Mug

I had a late breakfast actually, and I was planning to have a big dinner before the concert, so I just had a quick snack later in the trip to get me by.

I was on my way to the Bojangles’ Coliseum in NC (the concert venue) so I decided to stop at a Bojangles’ on the way. 🙂

I discovered their Roasted Chicken Bites are only 4 carbs for 5 pieces! They were spicy, tender and delicious. Mmmm!

They also have a Roasted Chicken Bites Salad on the menu. 😉 There’s no sauce on them, just a Cajun rub. Perfect! This was in Gaffney, South Carolina:

Eating Low Carb at Bojangles

I checked into my hotel and got ready for the concert…

I wasn’t 100% happy with my dress…

It’s a size SMALL from American Eagle. I’ve been shopping there for YEARS and have worn a size XL since I started shopping there (until this past year).

Anyway, it wasn’t very fitted or flattering around the middle (sort of boxy), but I think it was meant to be that way – as a swing style dress. 😉


It was super comfortable at least, which was important for hours of dancing! 😀

The Bojangles’ Coliseum has a restaurant, so I was planning to have a nice dinner there before the concert – but unfortunately it was closed. Go figure.

They also would not let us back out (NO re-entry!). They were super rude about it too. 😛 WORST VENUE EVER – seriously.

That mean I had to make do with low carb eats from the concession stands, which was fine – I just needed something on my stomach to go with my rum & diet coke, and my Michelob Ultra beers. 😉

Low Carb Food at a Concert Concession Stand

The concert was AWESOME! 🙂

And that’s a (zero carb) rum & diet coke in-hand, lol:

BIG Avett Brothers Fan!!

I danced for hours! 🙂

I got in some solid Fitbit steps dancing into the new year too. 😉 What a great concert!!

New Year's Eve Fitbit Steps : Dancing in Heels!

Not having a big meal like I planned, and a few more drinks than I intended (2 big shots of rum & 2 tall Mich Ultra’s), I definitely needed a bite to eat after the show.

You know, around 2am when everything was closed – lol.

Fortunately I had grabbed some low carb snacks from a gas station on my way in, and had those in my room:

Low Carb Snacks from a Gas Station

After a fabulous night and a solid sleep, I got up and had terrible hotel coffee (ack! lol) and hit the road to head back to Tennessee.

I stopped in Gastonia, NC at the Sakura Japanese Restaurant and ordered a LARGE glass of ice water and a steamy hot bowl of miso soup.

A great way to rehydrate after a night of drinking. 😉

Sakura Japanese Steakhouse

I also had some Spicy Baked Scallops at the Sakura Japanese & Sushi restaurant.

Those were delicious!! 🙂

Spicy Baked Scallops at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse

Here’s a photo of me at the Brown Mountain Overlook while crossing back over the mountain into Tennessee, on my way to see my daughter in Johnson City before heading home:


I am NOT happy with how I look in that picture. And I’m not talking about my goofy socks w/flip flops. 😛 haha. That favorite Avett Brothers t-shirt was a gift from my best friend Tawnya… and used to look SO good on me. Like most of my other favorite clothes, it just hangs off of me now.

That picture is just hard for me to look at. I look too skinny. 🙄 Ack…

I do miss my figure. A lot. Not just my chest (lol) but ALL of it – the hips, the curves. Ugh. Here’s another photo taken on the way to the concert the day before, where I was also dressed funny (haha, it was a “90’s theme joke”):

Feel free to laugh at both outfits. I can be a real goofball. 😉 lol

You can’t really tell it in the picture above, but that skirt was literally falling off of me. And it’s BRAND NEW, or I bought it just a few months ago at least – and this is the first time I’ve worn it. I actually GAVE IT AWAY on the drive home. 😛

I’m not really sure what size I ended the year in…

I’ll guess somewhere between a 4 and 6, closer to a 6 probably.

My size 8’s are pretty loose on me now, and I did manage to *squeeze* into a pair of size TWO shorts a friend gave me last week.

EEK! 😯

I am 43 YEARS OLD, ya’ll! I do NOT want to be stick skinny, or “sick thin” at my age.

I haven’t been intentionally trying to lose more weight. My weight has stayed the same the last few weeks actually, but my shape and my size is obviously changing.

All I’m doing is continuing to eat a healthy ketogenic low carb diet – because it FEELS great, and keeps me out of chronic pain.

My big goal for 2017 is to continue toning, which I got a GREAT start on in 2016, and to build attractive muscle / tone. I’m not sure what else to do? Anyway, the last thing I want is to go off the other end of the “negative body image” spectrum – from too big, to too thin – or to get back in a head spin over my body image.

I think the key is to gain muscle weight and… dress better!! 😛 🙂


I hope your New Year started off as fabulous as mine did!

I am so looking forward to the year ahead with you, and us continuing to work on our goals together. Here’s to becoming out happiest, healthiest selves this year!! 🙂 *cheers*

Your turn… I would love to hear YOUR goals/thoughts!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. I got an amazing deal on my concert tickets and my hotel using Ebates! Oh, and on the cute red retro heels too. 😉 Ebates cashback rocks!!


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34 Responses to Happy 2017! Here’s To A New Year Together!! :-)

  1. Ray says:

    Hello Lynn,

    Goofball or not, you are still cute. I think you look great at your current weight. I went below my goal weight and wasn’t really happy with it. Too thin for my frame I felt. Anyway, I tried and finally gained the 3 lbs only to lose one by eating too low carb yesterday.
    I’m going to try and stay under 155. My biceps are getting pretty tight using the pull up bar, I just need to work on my lower abs know. That will be my goal for the year, to increase leg strength and to tighten my lower abs. Not that a 63 year old grandpa needs abs and more.
    I will continue to encourage others in the group.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I think strength is GREAT and feels SO good. That’s my goal this year too, to be strong and to feel strong (inside and out, physically and mentally). 🙂 And thank you – you made me smile 🙂 haha. *cheers*

  2. Kellie says:

    A few years back, I got sick and became a stick (for my larger frame) and I LOVED it! I’m jealous! lol Except now I am not really sick any more, but still I liked skinny better.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I miss my figure. 😛 I think mostly I just need to STOP wearing clothes that don’t fit. Which includes buying new bras (again! I just got new ones a few months ago) because things not fitting right is what makes me feel so… sickly or “skinny” compared to great fitting clothes. 😉

  3. Barb says:

    Happy New Year Lynn! You look great but if you are in to toning you might check out a couple Facebook groups. One is called Ketogains which is people eating keto but also lifting weights and the other is Girls Gone Stong which is women lifting weights. They are both a wealth of info if you’re interested in lifting. I’m the same age as you (well turning 44 this month) and I totally get want to look strong and fit vs stick skinny!

  4. Connie says:

    You look awesome and I LOVE that dress. Keep up the good work. Let me tell you what an inspiration you are. Your daily emails keep me on track … I kinda ate some candy and sweet treats I made over the holidays and gained a few lbs but back on track. Wishing you the BEST in 2017.

  5. Irene says:

    Lynn I think you look great. You’ve worked really hard and it shows. The only thing I’ve noticed in myself, is that 130 lbs. when you’re in your 20’s does not look the same as 130 lbs. when your in your 50’s. I can work hard at toning my body but my face will still look older (loss of elasticity) the more weight I Iose. So I think going up 10 lbs to the 140’s keeps me from looking like an old lady 🙂 I have seen women ,my age lose way too much and be at their 20’s something weight but look near 70 years old. So I’ll stay at a little higher weight to not look old.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I agree with that Irene – I noticed that it ages me too, being so thin. I do moisturize daily and use products appropriate for my age, but the “filled out look” you get with a little extra weight plumps you up with youth, lol.

  6. Sandy says:

    Hi Lynn,
    We always perceive ourselves differently than others perceive us. Your look is great in all these pix but of course we must please ourselves. I’m beginning my journey this year by getting back to low carb. 4 years ago I lost 25 pounds. I thought it was not enough but when I made changes in location, got out of the negative environment I was in and away from the negetive folks I was around I began to realize just how good I looked and how happy I was! Just those few pounds lost made me feel lighter in physical size and in heart plus chronic pain in my knees left. I’m glad I found your site, it’s awesome and encouraging. I had gained the weight back but this time I have the Lynn Terry community for support. Good luck to all!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      I’m so glad you joined us, Sandy. 🙂 And thank you!! Being HAPPY is the most important thing, and I’ve found making big life changes (not just losing weight) a big part of that life transformation as well…

      Here’s to an awesome year! 🙂 *cheers*

  7. Marielle says:

    You look amazing. Embrace the tiny, you’ve worked hard for it! This blog post gave me my daily motivation to stay low carb, I struggle with it still. Keep up the good work!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thank you Marielle 🙂 What is your biggest struggle? I’ve been through quite a few myself… happy to help!

      • Marielle says:

        It’s hard because no one around me follows this woe. My fiancé owns a food truck with all types of good foods. (follow us at Theblacktop grill Tucson ) and we work with a lot of the breweries here in Tucson. Free beer all day long, not only socially but also as a part of business, tastings, etc. michelobs don’t compare to craft beer. Also I’m recovering as a sugar addict and just had a baby 4 months ago . So these are some of my struggles.

        • Lynn Terry says:

          I get it, Marielle. Most of us are dealing with external influences and are eating low carb alone within our family or friend circle. That can be tough.

          I agree on the craft beers. 😉

          Fortunately eating keto kills sugar cravings altogether, and is also a natural appetite suppressant – so that part (addictions/cravings) takes care of itself!

  8. Pat Altenhof says:

    Hi. Lynne – – I enjoyed today’s newsletter a lot and you look amazing!!!! I wanted to tell you about a new discovery I made today – – I have a birthday this week, and my gang told me to pick a place to eat…. One of my favorite (and not always easy to eat at) is Red Robin, and since I have been a bit lax on my resolve, I asked for that – – and signed up for their birthday club while I was at it…. Anyway, today I got an email from RR (yum) and they are now offering all of their burgers, etc, on lettuce wraps…. They look wonderful, and now my new resolve to get back to low carbing in earnest will be much easier….. Check it out…. Have a great 2017, my friend…… Pat

  9. Marti says:

    You look great Lynn! I’m learning after a 40 lb weight loss last year how to dress for my new figure but will admit that I do miss my curves also… especially my chest! Toning is the key to looking fit instead of stick thin. Over the Christmas holiday I indulged a little and couldn’t believe how awful I began to feel. December 26th I was back to my LC woe and loving it all over again…lesson learned!!! Thankfully, I didn’t gain and am still holding at 135lbs.
    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      It really is all about dressing for your new weight/figure. That’s the hardest part, because I think I know what I want to wear – and then it makes me look frumpy. 😛 haha. I have to get better at dressing myself. 🙂 I think that’s the key to getting comfortable with where my body is naturally going on it’s journey to health.

  10. Amy says:

    You look fantastic. Yes, very thin but isn’t that what we are all wanting after all? I know it’s just wrapping your head around the change. I’m very curvy and also afraid to lose that a little bit…but there’s a huge part of me that wants to know what it feels like NOT to have these dang baby making hips on me lol. You should be so proud. 🙂 Happy New Year Lynn.

    • Amy says:

      Lol, and I’ve had no kids by the way…that’s just always what I’ve though of my hips.

    • Lynn Terry says:

      lol thank you, Amy 🙂 And YES I want to look “fit and lean” – strong – not fat, not plump, and not stick skinny. Which gives me a very specific goal to work toward this year. Because FIT AND LEAN woman ARE sexy! 🙂

  11. Gina says:

    You look really cute in that dress but a little gaunt looking in the shorts. I rather be super slim than overweight. That’s for sure. I cannot seem to get rid of my hips no matter how much i lose weight. 🙁
    If i were you, i would start adding more healthy carbs to my diet and work out to gain muscle. I would add more low carb breads or other low carb foods so you do not lose anymore body fat.
    You look great. You are an inspiration.

    • Gina says:

      I meant the pic of you with the skirt. 🙂

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thank you, Gina. 🙂 The skirt was a size 10. Yesterday I was in a store and tried on a similar skirt – a size FOUR fit me right. 😛 WOW! That’s why it looked so bad on me, lol.

      It’s hard figuring out what size to wear when your weight stays the same… but your body keeps changing! Speaking of, don’t give up on those hips. My boobs were the last thing to go (opposite everyone else, lol) but man… they went FAST when they went. haha Ack!

  12. Sherry Smith says:

    I think you look terrific but it really is about how you feel. Years ago I weighed my heaviest at 265, size 24 I lost 110 lbs and was a size 8, I still felt fat, but knew I wasn’t. So it really is our self perceptions. I know you inspire a lot of people and we are thankful for you. This is my second challenge now, and I am wondering how long to continue 20 carbs per day

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thank you Sherry 🙂

      I eat 20 net carbs max and 70% fat minimum as a lifestyle. Some people do phases, like with Atkins, but I eat a healthy ketogenic diet for life to stay out of chronic pain – and to maintain my weight loss.

  13. Lisa says:

    How long of eating keto did it take to notice a decrease in your chronic pain?

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Within the first few weeks. I didn’t realize it at first, but all of a sudden I was out of pain. I did some research on it and discovered why! Very cool added benefit. 🙂

  14. Janie says:

    Love all your info great stuff thanks for this best site I’ve ever seen on low carb eating I was wondering why you had pain thanks again!

    • Lynn Terry says:

      Thank you Janie! 🙂

      I was in a car accident when I was 20 years old (I’m 43 now, btw). I have inflammatory arthritis in my lower back due to some of the injuries, which causes sciatica. Flare-ups are similar to Fibromyalgia and can be localized or body-wide.

      Fortunately eating a ketogenic low carb diet keeps me out of pain. I learned that carbs promote inflammation in the body, so it was a surprise benefit to also be out of pain when I started losing weight – as I am back to enjoying an active lifestyle now. 🙂

      • Gina says:

        Lyn. I am curious. I believe that the ketogenic diet helps with pain as i also suffered from arthritis due to a car accident in 1989 but i wondered what the science behind this mat be.
        Has there been research done on this subject

        • Lynn Terry says:

          Hi Gina 🙂 Yes there has been TONS of research on it, and there is lots of science behind it, and behind the way low carb diets work in general.

          A keto diet was originally introduced in the 1920’s as a cure to pediatric seizures – successfully. As just one example. Google it, there’s tons of medical research & science published.

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