Here’s a photo tour of my FUN trip, including before and after pictures of Tawnya and I, and some of the great low carb meals I enjoyed while in White Rock and Vancouver…

Tawnya Sutherland says:
What an awesome trip this was (even if you did share my ‘before’... more
PJ says:
Welcome back! Glad you had fun. We missed you. Low carbing is simply not the... more

I wanted to share my low carb travel / vacation meals with you, as I know sometimes it can be difficult to figure out the best low carb food choices when you’re traveling – or staying with someone as a house guest…

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My son showed me how to rid of my bat wing arms (still can’t believe he... more
Lynn Terry says:
Thank you, Sharon! :) Here’s a great video for the “bat... more

Yesterday was a super easy food day. EASY is GOOD. No fancy recipes required. Just very simple, real food, and easy clean-up. I’m headed out today for a week without scales, which will be a nice scalecation (scale vacation) lol. I’ll still be eating super clean, super low carb, and tracking all of my foods along the way – and…

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Hi Louise, A better option is 1/3 cup pecan halves. It’s real food, less... more
Louise says:
Hi Lynn, I have a question about the Atkins Bars. I have never had one, but you... more

Here are my low carb meals & macros, including my MyFitnessPal net carb food diary. Plus a fun test recipe I tried – that should be a fun one to tweak!

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1) Have a great vacation!!! 2) Can you send me a link or tell me how to find... more

Low Carb Food Journal: Meals & Macros

I decided to go back to my super simple 3IMAX low carb diet, which is basically simple meals of 3 ingredients or less. Here are my meals and macros for yesterday…


I’m sad, sick – and annoyed with my scale!

I’m sad, sick, and seriously annoyed with my scale. I may have to chalk this Zero Carb Mini-Challenge up to a FAILURE…


My 2-Day Low Carb Food Diary

Here’s my Low Carb Food Journal for Tuesday and Wednesday, which were Day 3 & 4 of my Zero Carb Challenge…


How To Figure Your “True” Weight: A Full Body Composition Using A Body Fat Scale

My experience with a Body Fat Scale, my current Body Composition, and my health goals – which go way beyond traditional weight loss. I think you’ll find this interesting, maybe even enlightening, and possibly encouraging… :-)


Day 2: Zero Carb Challenge (My Meals)

Day two of the Zero Carb challenge was pretty easy. It’s been an interesting experiment so far, and it’s definitely helping me break bad food habits – and get rid of cravings!


Day 1 of 8: Zero Carb LCHF Mini-Challenge – And My Low Carb Coffee Dilemma…

My first Zero Carb day ~ Coffee is my PROBLEM. as we strive to become our healthiest, leanest, happiest selves… we have to identify our own problem foods along the way, as part of that process. For me it’s the overdose of coffee creamer. For you, it may be something totally different…


Day 8 Low Carb Diary: Liquid Diet?! Very Odd Day With NO Food …

After 7 full days on a 3IMAX Low Carb Diet, yesterday I had NO desire for food. NONE. I decided I should start my Zero Carb Week part of this challenge a day early. This weird no-food/fasting day felt like a good buffer, and a good opportunity to go ahead and make the switchover…


Ab Carver Pro Video Review – From A REAL (Out-of-Shape) Woman… LOL

The fitness experts on YouTube make this Ab Carver Pro look EASY. So I thought I would show you what it looks like when a REAL (totally out of shape) woman tries it for the first time. :) LOL. Enjoy!


Challenge, Day 7: Low Carb Meals & Macros

You cannot SAY your goal (MY goal) is to get in amazing shape, and then do nothing about it. 😛 Today I’m going to do my T25 workout AND my strength training on the Ab Carver Pro. Both are quick & easy – but a seriously good workout too…


Day 6 Low Carb Challenge: Meals & Macros

Here’s my low carb food journal from yesterday. I’m not sure how many of you are actually following along, or even participating in this mini-challenge. A lot of people said they were “IN”, but I haven’t really heard from anyone lately. *ahem* :+) So if I go quiet or stop posting here… you’ll know why. lol!