I decided to do something a little different for this challenge: lower carb, higher fat, less processed food or products, and more *real* food. I also ate less cheese than usual. If I had to guess, I’d say the 6.4 pound weight loss had to do with the decrease in carbs and major increase in healthy fats…

Sandy miller says:
I’m trying to lose weight after baby but am on day 8 of no carbs and... more
Sharon says:
I’ve always wondered if I could eat low carb and use my HCG(injections).... more

It’s a common misconception that people on a Low Carb Diet (or Atkins) mainly eat bacon, grease, processed cheese and Atkins bars/shakes. While you can, and some people do, you can actually eat VERY healthy on a Low Carb Diet…

Rebecca says:
Christine, I cut up a zucchini add some cream, just a bit, and sprinkle it with... more
Judy Guiler says:
You can add asparagus, green beans, zucchini , cabbage and Brussels sprouts to... more

As we kick off the next 90 Day Low Carb SPRING Challenge, here’s a helpful list of common terms and acronyms used in the low carb community. Learn about WOE, HWC, BPC, SF, etc…

Mary says:
I am so happy to see there are others to turn to while on this life change..... more
lynn Yarbrough says:
I am 60 yrs old and I want to do your 90 day challenge, however I do not want... more

Looking for the Low Carb Subway Menu? They offer an interactive nutritional calculator on their website so you can select the exact ingredients you want, and get detailed nutritional data before you ever place an order!

Leslie W says:
Glad I found this. I think Subway’s menu is a bit confusing because... more
Erin Van says:
One of the things that I love to get is a sandwich with all the fixings then I... more

Low Carb Before and After Pictures

I love low carb before and after pictures. The members in my Low Carb Challenge Group share them, and they are SO inspiring! It’s amazing to see the total transformation when people start eating a healthy low carb diet…


Wonderful Pistachios Super Bowl Commercial (Get Crackin!)

Did you catch the Super Bowl commercial?? These snack-sized bags by Wonderful Pistachios are perfect for portioned enjoyment. They’re great for carrying on the go, or just for a quick FUN low carb snack…


Low Carb Cheddar Tuna Biscuits w/Creamy Spread

Last night I decided to try a new twist on my low carb bread recipe, with tuna and cheddar. It turned out delicious! What a nice filling treat, and a very tasty way to enjoy Laughing Cow Cheese Spread, which is my newest low carb food addiction. lol…


Laughing Cow Cheese Spread = FUN Snacks!

Laughing Cow Cheese Spread is very low carb, creamier and tastier than whipped cream cheese, and I’ve found that it goes well with a variety of low carb foods…


Low Carb Soup Recipes for the Atkins Diet

January is National Soup Month so I thought this would be a great time to share some delicious low carb soup recipes! You can easily make soup out of leftovers, creating a whole new meal. And soups often freeze well, making it easy to “stock up” and have a great hot meal on hand for later…


Low Carb Biscuit Recipe (Super Easy!)

I came up with a beautiful low carb biscuit recipe last night. These were absolutely delicious, very filling, and have the texture of… yes, a biscuit!


Quick Low Carb Meals For One

When I do cook it’s quick low carb meals for one as I’m often eating alone. I prefer to make the least mess possible in the kitchen, and spend as little time in there as I can get away with, so I tend to make one-skillet meals like this one a lot…


Low Carb Chips (Tasty, Healthy Low Carb Snacks)

These Low Carb Chips really satisfy that snack craving! And they’re healthy low carb snacks, so you can snack away without guilt. Enjoy!


Easy Ideas For Eating Low Carb On The Go

Whether you’re traveling, or just on the go and needing low carb ideas that are quick and easy, I thought I’d give you some quick & easy ideas by sharing my recent low carb food choices with you…


Easy Fast Low Carb Breakfast Idea

You’ll LOVE this low carb breakfast idea! 5.5 net carbs and NO artificial sweetener, but a very naturally sweet and perfectly filling meal. Enjoy!