A photo tour of my Low Carb Life with 5 full days of LCHF Meals and MyFitnessPal logs, including a higher carb (but healthy) splurge meal – and how I handled that one. 🙂

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Hi Amy! It’s SO great to hear from you. :) Here’s my advice: Forget... more
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Yesterday’s class on Mindset, Motivation & Living Low Carb is now available for replay. Today: Join in LIVE for macros & meal tracking made EASY, a fun low carb class and Q&A session…

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Discover the SIMPLE way to lose weight eating low carb, how to break stalls & plateaus, and the ONE thing you MUST master to keep the weight off for good…

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3 days of easy Low Carb Meals and LCHF Snacks, easily staying around 20 net carbs per day, with very little cooking! Because eating low carb shouldn’t be complicated or difficult…

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Ok Lynn, I’m starting Day 1 again. Sadly I delayed starting this day 1... more

Fast, Easy Low Carb Meals (and Delicious Roasted Vegetables!)

Low carb foods featured in these LCHF meals include: shrimp, yellow squash, asparagus, yummy spices & sauces, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, nuts, eggs, and two delicious low carb desserts.


WHY Do You Stick To Low Carb? Weight Loss Check-In & Motivation Time

Low Carb Motivation: When you’re dieting it’s easy to become obsessed with the scales, and to allow them to control and even derail you. Don’t give the scales that kind of power! I saw a 3.2 pound weight loss this week, after a 5 day hold…


Low Carb Food Examples: 2 Days of LCHF Meals with Ideal Macros

2 days of Low Carb Meals with ideal LCHF macros. Low Carb Foods featured include: strawberries, blueberries, spinach, spring greens, cauliflower rice, pulled pork, chicken, eggs, pecans, and…


The Keto Box – What’s Inside? (A Free BPC Mug!)

14 new Low Carb Food Ideas that may pique your interest! While we’re waiting on the next Keto Krate to arrive, this is a great time to tell you all about The Keto Box. It’s a similar company and I’ve tried 2 LCHF boxes now, and…


3 Day Low Carb Food Diary, plus: See Me in Woman’s World Magazine Soon!

3 full days of low carb meals & easy low carb food ideas, my MyFitnessPal diaries & exercise this week, plus news about my feature in Woman’s World Magazine. A fun photo tour of my low carb life this week…


NUSH: Organic, Gluten Free Low Carb Cakes On The Go – In Four Fun Flavors!

Sometimes you NEED easy low carb foods to grab on the go. And a sweet treat, like low carb cake? Even better! Especially when it’s organic, gluten free, VERY low carb – and delicious.


2-Day Low Carb Food & Fitness Diary

My Low Carb Meals This Weekend: What to eat on the go, on the hiking trails, when you’re sitting around at home… and where to find your fitness motivation, if you happen to misplace it.


Trying New Low Carb Foods & Back On A Weight Loss Kick

I had good chat with my friend Rosie this morning about how our bodies react to stress & negativity, and how that can cause your weight loss to HOLD and fluctuate. I’m also trying some GREAT new low carb foods from new keto companies…


Fun Food Diary! Keto Love, 4 Low Carb Meals + Macro Talk: Ratios vs Grams

Ooh, it’s a Keto Affair! haha ~ My low carb food diary for Thursday complete with MyFitnessPal logs including 3 healthy LCHF meals and a delicious snack. Plus a new salad dressing that totally rocked my low carb socks…


Facelift Friday Photo (Motivation!) + Good/Bad News About Keto Krate

Facelift Friday Weight Loss ~ I had so many mixed emotions seeing myself chubby, seeing myself thin, realizing today marked my one year anniversary working with Keto Krate. Plus the difference in my life then, and my life one year ago today, and my life now…