Whether you’re a sports fan or not, the Super Bowl is a fun event and great time for family and friends to enjoy quality time together. This is not a time to ditch your diet and indulge in high-carb unhealthy …

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O’Charley’s is one of my favorite restaurants to eat low carb. In addition to a great (thick, juicy!) Ribeye, they have amazing Prime Rib – and the Cedar Planked Salmon is always a winner too!

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These Low Carb Sausage Biscuits are very low carb, high fat, and a good source of protein. Great for a quick, easy meal or snack on the low carb diet! They’re hearty, and very filling. They are also gluten free. ;-)

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Ready to enjoy some great low carb peanut butter treats? This was my favorite recipe, and one I plan to try today. I particularly liked it for it’s simplicity – using only four ingredients! And it’s super easy to make…

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How Much Water Should I Drink? – Beware Water Intoxication. YES, Water Can KILL You!

Can You Drink TOO MUCH Water? YES. And it can be fatal. You heard me right – deadly. Drinking too much water can literally KILL you. So “how much water should I drink?” – the answer is, as much as it …


Happy Women’s Healthy Weight Day!

Today is Women’s Healthy Weight Day! This is day to honor women of ALL sizes – and to celebrate the fact that beauty, talent and love cannot be weighed. This day is meant to discourage the obsession with severe weight loss in an unhealthy manner. Women are encouraged to live healthy and accept their natural weight and at the same time, avoid unhealthy diet practices…


When People Don’t Support Your Low Carb Diet…

You will inevitably run across many people who don’t understand your low carb diet, or worse – are very UNsupportive. They may tell you that a low carb diet is bad for your heart, that you’ll end up with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, that you need carbs for energy (false!), or that…


Fabletics: Cute Workout Clothes You’ll LOVE!

Need fresh new CUTE workout clothes? These are seriously the best I’ve ever owned. The workout pants are very flattering, great sizing, high quality. I’m VERY happy with Fabletics!! They have tons to choose from, too. I love the color combinations especially. For women, I highly recommend the…


Quick List of Low Carb Vegetables

Here’s a convenient list of low carb vegetables in alphabetical order, including net carb count. Your goal is to eat no more than 20 net carbs per day, and 12-15 of those daily carbs should come from vegetables…


KISS! Keeping It Simple on a Low Carb Diet

Tons of prepping & meal planning is not necessary to succeed on a Low Carb Diet (thank goodness!). I’ve had several people tell me that alone made them hesitate to get started. If you told ME I had to plan and prepare a week ahead, I’d fail before I ever got started…


Join us for the “New Year, New You” Low Carb Challenge!

During the -New Year, New You- Low Carb Challenge running Jan 1st – March 31st 2015, the goal is to make healthier food & lifestyle choices. Join us for the fun, the food photos & recipe shares, the challenge, and the healthy choices mini-challenges along the way!


How To Get Your Diet Back On Track

Decide that TODAY is the day you stop making yourself sad, sick, fat, unhappy, etc. Not tomorrow. Right now. From this point forward, every single thing you put in your mouth should be to FEED that beautiful person you WANT to become. Period…


Happy Low Carb Holidays! :-)

Merry Christmas, Low Carb friends! I could have easily decided to treat myself today – and to what end? Is it really a treat to feel even more bloated, gain even more weight, feel even more disappointed in yourself? NO. Instead, I am going to treat myself to the gift of healthy & happy! That decision alone made me feel totally amazing…


Another 90 Day Low Carb Challenge Kicks Off!

During the 90-Day *Healthy Choices* Low Carb Challenge running October 20th, 2014 to January 17th, 2015 the goal is to make healthier food & lifestyle choices. Join us for fast weight loss, accountability, friendship, support, low carb recipes, the challenge, and the FUN mini-challenges along the way!