Top 3 Keto Box Subscriptions: Review & Comparison of Keto Krate, Keto Delivered, and The Keto Box – plus a list of 26 Low Carb Foods for Keto Foodies that missed these boxes…

kim Lawrence says:
You talked me into it LOL. I just signed up for Keto Crate. Thanks for all you... more
Lynn Terry says:
You’re welcome, Anne. :) So many people have asked which box to choose,... more

Happy Low Carb Valentine’s Day! My keto holiday food diary, and a note on treating yourself… RIGHT. 🙂

Maryana says:
Thank you,thank you for all the helpful advice. Love my cheese and that’s... more
Lynn Terry says:
Hi Maryana :) My advice is to keep it REALLY simple. Ignore calories for now,... more

Delicious Low Carb Coffee Cake Recipe with an optional peanut butter crunch and cinnamon swirl. Plus a Cinnamon Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing to top it off just perfectly… Enjoy!

Lynn Terry says:
Hi Nicole! Yes, I mentioned that – it’s definitely too moist for... more
Nicole says:
I can’t get this to come out in once peice from the Bundt pan. So... more

Quick photo tour of easy low carb foods and fast keto friendly meals I’ve been eating lately, with no fuss and no meal planning involved. These examples will help you mix things up a little in your own kitchen – or on the go…

Debi Hardy says:
I know how to eat, but I’m a little confused about tracking. I just watched... more

Ketologie: 21 Day Keto Kick-Start Program

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Weigh-In: Motivation to Stay on Track & ENJOY Your Low Carb Lifestyle

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Dining Out: Low Carb Restaurant Swaps & Sides

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Low Carb Apple Pie Pancakes & Muffins

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Snowed In: Low Carb Baking & Taste Testing Fun :) Cookies, Waffles, Cupcakes & Candy

It’s been an interesting week of fun kitchen experiments & taste-testing! Some things were NOT worth the carbs, some things fell flat (literally!), and I have new low carb recipe ideas to test that I can’t wait to share with you…


Free Purple Hand Mixer & 8 Low Carb Foods To Check Out

There were 8 interesting products in The Keto Box for January. It’s sold out now, but I scored you a freebie – and this is a fun low carb food list to check out. These monthly boxes are such a great way to discover new low carb foods to try!