Two days worth of low carb meals, all very easy and super fast to make! My food diaries from MyFitnessPal are included so you can see how I logged those meals and how I track my macros…

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Getting bored with your usual low carb meals? Scan these low carb food ideas others are enjoying. This FUN list of new low carb products will mix things up a little and keep your taste buds happy!

Lynn Terry says:
Hi Naomi, I don’t freeze mine. If I’m going to use it all that week... more
Lynn Terry says:
Hi Sue :) No, all of the links in this post are coded with my referral ID, so... more

Here are my low carb meals plus MyFitnessPal food diary so you can see exactly how I logged those meals. It was an OFF day, and a HUNGRY day…

Jennifer Stamper says:
Hello Week 3! Well, I am down a total of 6.9 with a whopp’n loss of .2... more
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Hi Lynn, I just ordered the LC Nut and Flax Granola in each flavor. You have a... more

3 low carb meals, 1 snack, over 1800 calories, 22 net carbs, 95 grams of protein, and 74% of my calories in healthy fats. Another easy low carb day, with consistent weight loss!

Gina says:
I think the Embrel will help you get off the steroids. I take Orencia. It is... more
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BPC is bullet proof coffee (coffee with butter & coconut oil in it)... more

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