3 days of LCHF MyFitnessPal Food Diaries, all of my Low Carb Meals, and EASY ideas for staying on track with perfect Keto Macros – even when life gets busy on you!

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My low carb road trip, NEW no-bake low carb candy you’ll LOVE, a low carb Tuna Melt and delicious Keto Sushi options. Lots of great low carb food ideas for you…

Gina says:
Lyn. How many Know cookies per box? more
Patricia L. says:
Lynn.. Have you seen the drinks Keto OS. They claim to put you into ketosis... more

My low carb food diary, MyFitnessPal log, easy LCHF meals, and 8 new keto friendly products to try. Lots of great low carb ideas for mixing things up a bit!

Lynn Terry says:
Sure, Kari – mine is pretty much the same as yours. :) lol It’s... more

20 net carbs, 82% fat, simple low carb meals with ideal LCHF macros, plus a delicious sweet n salty treat! MyFitnessPal diary included…

Patricia L. says:
I love your suggestion of offering to hold a baby. As a Mom of an almost two... more
Kristine says:
MyFitnessPal app doesn’t seem to have the net carb choice. Is this on the... more

New Low Carb Desserts: Blueberry Muffins, Chocolate Walnut Cookies & Breakfast Cakes

3 creative new Low Carb Dessert recipes and low carb baking mixes you can have FUN with! If you’re a fan of Good Dee’s, you are going to LOVE her newest keto friendly mixes for baking healthy desserts you can enjoy guilt-free…


Low Carb Meals, Weight Loss & Keto Waffles? (Lynn Says No…)

Weight loss update, Low Carb Food Diary, NEW (very fun, lol) motivational video, my detailed LCHF macros, a promo code and a BOGO special, and more fun stuff!


Week 4 Weigh-In: Why Every Pound Is Not Equal (Photo Proof)

Even at the same weight (on the scales) my body composition has changed dramatically over the past year. Or over the last 9’ish months, to be more accurate. And that’s because…


Live Low Carb Taste-Testing + Creative Keto Restaurant Menu Options: Fun New Videos!

LIVE and Low Carb from Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe, helping you make easy Keto Friendly restaurant choices PLUS smart decisions about low carb products – like low carb donuts vs cookies, YUM!


Week 3 Weigh-In + New Low Carb Q&A Videos

3 new Low Carb Q&A Videos, fun interactive chats addressing the biggest questions about eating LCHF and the ketogenic low carb diet…


Beware! Starbucks Carb Count Warning: The Secret Sugar In Your Iced Coffee or Tea

Did you know that Starbucks iced teas and coffees come with sugar water – by default? So a large Venti black iced coffee has 30 GRAMS OF SUGAR. Even a plain a Venti Caffè Americano is 4 carbs. Read more, what you should know when ordering at Starbucks on a sugar free or low carb diet…


Week Two Weigh-In + Low Carb Q&A

It’s time for the 2-week weigh in for the Fall Low Carb Challenge. How are things going for you so far – any questions? Leave a comment and let’s chat!


September Keto Krate: A Box Full of Low Carb Fun!

7 new Low Carb, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly products to try including a HUGE low carb chocolate chip cookie and a new LCHF cheesecake recipe…


Inspiration: 6-Day Low Carb Road Trip

Low Carb ideas & inspiration the next time you go out to eat, take a road trip, or find yourself anywhere but the kitchen! Photo Tour of 6 days of traveling, 13 hours of driving and 4 days in a hotel. See my Low Carb Sushi and a DELICIOUS lchf stop at a bakery I love…


9 (Interesting?) Low Carb Foods In The Keto Box…

9 new low carb products to try – 2 that made me cringe, 2 that excited me, and ONE that intrigued me! I really look forward to your input on these low carb foods…