We’re down to the final week of the summer mini-challenge! Here are your weigh-in links, my low carb meals yesterday, and other fun updates for low carb living…

Justine says:
Congrats on your size 8!!!! I haven’t worn a size 8 since I was 8... more
Lynn Terry says:
I do yes, and my berries, it’s just so easy with the scale right on the... more

I had a weird food weekend, from eating too much to not eating enough, and feeling bored with food in general. I was also fighting cravings. Here’s what I ate, and how I dealt with that…

Lynn Terry says:
I love low carb mexican! :) My favorite is a taco salad – sans taco of... more
Gina says:
I am finally trying new low carb foods. I finally got my Mexican food fix :) I... more

A fun video/photo tour of my first big caving adventure, exploring Lost Creek Cave – and the legend that there is a beautiful waterfall deep in the depths of that cave. It is true… and we found it!

Lynn Terry says:
Thank you, Marti! Kudos – you did great. :) I know how tough that can be... more
Marti says:
Lynn, you look fabulous! Yesterday was tough as we were traveling on our way to... more

Here are my meals for Day 11. Plus: There’s SO much more to the low carb lifestyle than just weight loss, especially over the long term. It’s amazing what I’ve GAINED with the pounds I’ve lost…

Gina says:
Justine i know you can do it your daily food posts anaze me how tou stay so low... more

Day 10 Low Carb Diary: When Your Weight Fluctuates & Drives You Bonkers!

Helpful tips on dealing with weight fluctuations, my low carb meals yesterday, and resources to help you stay on track…


Day 9 Low Carb Meals & Macros

My easy / boring low carb meals yesterday, MyFitnessPal food diary and macros, and exercise. We’re already halfway through this summer mini-challenge! How are YOU doing??


Low Carb Meals, More Weight Loss & New Shorts? 60% Off Today!

Here are my low carb meals for yesterday, including a yummy fresh berry cheesecake dessert, and a 60% off summer clothes sale today – I’m shopping for smaller shorts!!


It’s Weigh-In Day! Cookies For Dinner? Blah, LOL…

Here’s are my low carb meals for Day 7 of the Summer Low Carb Mini-Challenge. Includes links to weigh in for the challenge…


Day 6: Sunday’s Low Carb Meals & Thoughts

My low carb meals yesterday, plus what to do when you feel BLAH and you’re slacking on your weight loss goals…


Recipes: Low Carb Cookies & Low Carb Bread

New low carb blueberry cookie recipe, low carb bread recipe, plus 13 more low carb recipes that are favorites with our group. Enjoy – these are all EASY recipes you’ll love!


Day 5: Easy Low Carb Meals, Accidental Intermittent Fasting (lol) & Weight Loss

It’s day 6 today – did you exercise this week? What kind of low carb meals are YOU eating? Are you experiencing any challenges or struggles with your goals?


Day 4 Low Carb Meals & Coffee Confessions

My low carb meals & exercise for Day 4 of the summer challenge, and a coffee update! My weight is finally moving back down after that big coffee experiment, lol…


Low Carb Food & Fitness With Friends

A beautiful spread of low carb finger foods! Entertaining doesn’t have to be a chore, and a big dinner doesn’t always have to mean cooking all day. This was fun AND easy, and great for a varied crowd…


Day 2: Low Carb Diary (EEK, I’m Gaining!)

My 3 easy low carb meals yesterday, plus my coffee saga (trying to give up my creamer!) – is it causing weight gain?? Eek!