It’s been an interesting week of fun kitchen experiments & taste-testing! Some things were NOT worth the carbs, some things fell flat (literally!), and I have new low carb recipe ideas to test that I can’t wait to share with you…

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There were 8 interesting products in The Keto Box for January. It’s sold out now, but I scored you a freebie – and this is a fun low carb food list to check out. These monthly boxes are such a great way to discover new low carb foods to try!

Gina says:
Mmm.. Tangerine. That sounds wonderful! more
Lynn Terry says:
I love the smart cakes, especially the coconut. :) I can’t wait to try... more

Easy low carb dinner ideas, FAST freezer-to-table keto meals, plus ideas & inspiration for mixing it up a little for a more enjoyable LCHF lifestyle…

Snowed In: Low Carb... says:
[…] my last food diary I shared my low carb meals from the weekend... more
Lynn Terry says:
Me too – and you’re most welcome! ;-) *cheers* more

Accountability Time! 🙂 How’s your weekend going? I have news & updates on keto meal plans, a new coupon code, low carb recipes & LCHF meal ideas for you today too…

Lynn Terry says:
That sounds fabulous, Anne! Thank you for sharing the recipe too. :) Yum! more
Anne Clinton says:
Mississippi pot roast: 3lb chuck roast Ranch dressing packet Au jas gravy... more

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