Where have I been?! Arizona, Ohio, Georgia… it’s been a busy month for this low carb traveler! Here’s what’s new, what’s broke, and what’s next…

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Thanks Lynn! Yes we will. 2016 will be even better! more
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Thank you, Barb. :) I have some compression stockings I thought I might use... more

Here are my low carb meals & macros over the weekend. It was a long quiet weekend of staying in and eating in, and keeping it super simple – as usual!

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uh oh you are not posting whazzup? Thanksgiving is coming and you are not... more
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I have been low carb since January. Yesterday I had Chinese, pudding, and 2... more

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My scales finally moved again. After a week of not budging, I woke up *almost* a pound lighter this morning, for a total of 3.4 pounds lost during this challenge so far…

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Thank you Kimme :) My advice is to just read the labels. That’s how I... more
Lynn Terry says:
Hi Tonia, Actually my “goals” in MFP just got messed up somehow... more

How To Navigate The Unexpected Carbs

What to do when you find yourself navigating a not-so-low-carb meal! Yesterday I was out and about, and I stopped at the JoZoara Coffee Shop (a favorite little spot!) to sit on the patio and enjoy lunch in the sunshine…


Wednesday’s Low Carb Food Journal & Easy Low Carb Bread Recipe

Today’s Low Carb Food Diary includes a tip on keeping strawberries fresh, and a very easy low carb gluten free bread recipe you’ll love!


Tuesday’s Low Carb Food Journal

There’s no reason to make eating low carb difficult or complicated! You’ll definitely see some repeats here. I prefer to call it consistent, but the truth is I just go with whatever is easiest and most convenient…


Example Low Carb Meals You Can Copy: My 3-Day LCHF Food Journal

3 days of beer, ice cream, and other easy low carb meals! The last three days have had some interesting food choices lol, so hopefully this will give you some easy and/or creative ideas when you need something different or want to change things up…


2.6 Pounds Lost in 5 Days! Follow Along: Friday’s Low Carb Food Diary

A sweet 2.6 pounds lost in 5 short days! Here is what I ate yesterday, along with a copy of my Low Carb Food Diary in MyFitnessPal so you can see my total macronutrient breakdown…


Thursday’s Low Carb Meals & Macros

Peanut butter and cheese. Who does this?! LOL – Yesterday’s weird low carb Science Experiment in the kitchen, plus my meals & macros for the day…


3 Days Of Low Carb Meals & Macros

Here is my low carb food & exercise journal for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. I included nutrition facts & macros for each meal so you can see the breakdown by meals. At the end of each day you can also see the Totals for that day…


Easy Low Carb Taco Salad Recipe

This low carb taco salad is a very easy meal that you can easily scale out to satisfy a large family, while still having a nice big filling low carb plate yourself!


4-Day Low Carb Meal Diary

I tend to eat super simple. Mostly real foods, very few ingredients, and very easy meals. And yes, I screwed up one night this week. That annoys me. But I refuse to let it DERAIL me. For the next 17 days I am going to get seriously committed to lowering my carb counts and working out daily…


17-Day Low Carb Challenge Details

Join us for the 17-Day KISS Low Carb Mini-Challenge running Monday October 19th thru Wednesday November 4th! This FUN challenge is a great fast-track to weight loss, or an effective stall-breaker…