My low carb meals, a new dish, and a gracious dinner host! Let’s talk Gumbo – would you have eaten it, and how would you log it??

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Great to hear, Sandi! I was thinking it would be fine as more of a... more

I packed low carb foods for our hike. It was going to be a LONG hike, so we decided to eat lunch picnic-style. I packed plenty of water, plus: almonds, pecans, cheeses, dill pickles…

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At one point my scales didn’t move for three weeks! I was so discouraged... more

Low Carb Food Diary for Day 50 of the “Get Lean For Summer!” 90 Day Low Carb Challenge. My meals, exercise and weight loss…

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That’s awesome, Michelle :) 14 pounds is a BIG difference. I know it is... more
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Awesome, thanks! :) more

7 week weigh-in, low carb blueberry waffle recipe, my easy low carb dinner, and a current Skinny Fat picture of me – ack!

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Awesome, Kristi! I’m so glad you enjoyed them :) And that it saved you... more
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Thank you, Lisa. :) I agree, and I do feel proud of my accomplishment –... more

Why I Finally Joined Ebates: And I got $161.65 in FREE money already!

We can ALL use more savings and a little extra money. I didn’t expect Ebates to work so well, or to end up making THAT much free money. I’m excited about sharing a way to put some extra cash in YOUR pocket too!


Day 48: BIG Low Carb Recipe Fail – LOL

The low carb recipes that NEVER make it into the cookbooks, lol. A photo tour of my crazy lunch, and stories from my low carb kitchen…


Day 47 Low Carb Meals

My Low Carb Food Diary for Day 47 of the Get Lean For Summer! 90 Day Low Carb Challenge…


Justine’s Low Carb Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Here is Justine’s PERFECT recipe for Low Carb Stuffed Mushrooms. You’ll love these! They are fast and easy to make, and absolutely delicious…


Day 46 Low Carb Food Diary

I mentioned that my scales usually go up right before they go down, which is exactly what happened. I woke up at 147 this morning, 1.4 pounds lighter…


Day 45 Low Carb Meals & New Recipe! Plus: Dealing With Discouragement

My low carb food diary, current weight, and dealing with the constant internal struggle… when it feels like you’re fighting a losing battle!


Delicious Low Carb Sausage Biscuit Recipe

These Low Carb Sausage Biscuits are LCHF and a good source of protein. Great for a quick easy meal or snack on the low carb diet! They’re hearty and very filling. They are also gluten free…


Day 44 Low Carb Food Diary

Here are my healthy low carb meals yesterday, plus my macros & exercise. This is Day 44 of the challenge, and I’m really pleased with my commitment to it!


Day 43: Low Carb Meals & Exercise – Stay Focused On The Goal!

It would be fantastically awesome if your scales always moved in the same direction, but fluctuations are totally normal. These pictures tell the TRUE story of how much my body is changing though…


Day 42: Low Carb Meals & 6 Week Weigh In

I’m very happy with my weight loss so far during this low carb challenge, and excited to see the scales moving consistently – in the right direction (lol)…