I wish I had realized from the start that this was never even about losing weight. Weight loss was simply the RESULT. That would have saved me a lot of stress. – A candid (and embarrassing) discussion on dieting, eating disorders, and what I’ve learned…

Jami says:
I’ve been following you for the past few months, but haven’t had... more
Steve Conover says:
Great post! Food addiction and/or use of food for anything other than energy is... more

Even with the low carb comfort / junk food I was still at only 20 net carbs and 1275 calories for the day! My weight is at an all time low too, and I’m back in the swing of my daily exercise routine. What about you?? Time to check in!

TigerTye says:
Well that makes more sense. I didn’t realize they had more than one size.... more
Lynn Terry says:
Oh wait – you just have to make a selection, choose one of the options,... more

As promised, I’ll be posting my daily low carb food & exercise diaries here. Then you can reply with yours – so we can keep each other accountable to our weight loss & fitness goals…

Lynn Terry says:
It amazes me too, Karen :) lol. I’m committed to reviewing the products... more
Karen says:
I always weigh in on Fridays. I struggle with the office *carbage* during the... more

Big, Thick, Fluffy, Delicious Low Carb Blueberry Pancakes – and less than 2 net carbs each! I don’t even know how they keep this stuff in stock, lol… WOW!

Chakalit Harris says:
Hi Lynn, I’m still waiting for you to use the “Magic Rice”!... more
Lynn Terry says:
Ooh – it was the low carb hot cereal / oatmeal. YUCK, lol :P :P I’m... more

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